Published: Oct. 20, 2021

Course Modality for Spring 2022

  • The COVID Protections that were in place since the start of COVID-19 are expiring on December 21, 2021. These protections are what allowed students to enroll in "remote" courses and still receive Boulder's Housing Allowance.
  • For Spring 2022, there will not be these COVID-19 protections. In order to receive Boulder's Housing Allowance, you must be enrolled in at least one course that is designated as "in-person" and be enrolled full-time. Also, please keep in mind that the in-person course must have credit hours associated with it and it needs to be held during the main 16-week term.
  • Courses that are designated as remote or online will be certified as online courses to the VA. If you are only enrolled in remote or online courses, you would receive half the national average for your housing allowance ($916 per month) instead of Boulder's housing allowance ($2072 per month).