Transitioning from the structured military lifestyle into university life will probably be more of a challenge than you expect.

The Veteran Ambassador Program (VAP) is an opportunity for new student veterans to connect with other student veterans (Ambassadors) who have already completed a couple years at CU Boulder. These will be your go-to guys and gals who can provide information about questions you may have: where to go for trouble with BAH, where your classes are, who to talk with for free tutoring, details of some local events, scholarship opportunities, and more. The Ambassadors will also go to you if they come across information that they believe can help ease your way through your first semester.

Through this program we hope to make your transition as smooth as possible, we want you to succeed in class and take advantage of these great resources, and we want you to feel connected on campus. There is no time commitment or barriers to cross if you decide to take advantage of the VAP, so you have nothing to lose, but much to gain.

If you are a veteran coming to CU Boulder for the first time and interested in joining this program, please contact Dakota Brummel at