Innovations licensed from CU Boulder often require further development prior to commercialization, and the originating lab at CU Boulder is uniquely positioned to partner with your company to conduct additional research and development (R&D). CU Boulder offers matching funds for sponsored research that advances newly licensed technology.

Our Licensing Incentive is a competitive program and matching funds are awarded by application.

To take advantage of the Licensing Incentive, you will need to: 

  1. Identify one or more technologies you wish to license from our database.
  2. Contact our Business Development Associate Nicole Forsberg to verify that your company and desired technology are eligible.

Our team will work with you to prepare a full application, including terms of the license and sponsored project. Preference is given to competitive licensing offers and sponsored projects that significantly advance the licensed technology toward the market and meet standard university terms. 

Successful applicants will execute license and sponsored research agreements with CU Boulder, and the university will provide a 1:1 match on direct costs in the sponsored project. Standard terms apply for the sponsored project, including indirect costs. Sponsored projects of $100,000-$250,000 (including matching funds) are recommended but larger projects will be considered.

The project is completed by university researchers, enhancing and de-risking the proprietary technology licensed to your company and preparing it for commercialization.