Businesses can access CU Boulder’s proprietary innovations through license agreements with the university.  We benchmark our licenses nationally to ensure our deal structures are business friendly and below market average, positioning you to succeed.

CU Startups

Before completing a license, most startups will begin with an option agreement.  The option ensures that the startup has an exclusive period – 1 year and extendable to 2 years – during which to license the innovation.  The option period provides the startup an opportunity to seek early milestones and traction before determining whether to move ahead with a license. 

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When ready to license, startup founders can take advantage of our Licensing with EASE® program.  EASE® stands for Express Agreement for Startup Entrepreneurs and is a standardized, pre-negotiated license that has been vetted by investors, entrepreneurs, and law firms that represent startup companies.

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Established Companies

Venture Partners at CU Boulder has helped many leading corporations create innovative products and services by licensing CU Boulder technologies.  We can be flexible on many terms within a license agreement to ensure it aligns well with your company’s needs, and with the specific technology being licensed. 

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To match your business's needs with CU Boulder portfolio technologies:

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