Published: March 2, 2020

Venture Partners at CU Boulder is partnering with BridgeBio to advance novel drug discovery with an underlying genetic basis. We are seeking researchers who have novel therapeutics they would like further developed with an eye toward clinical development. BridgeBio has initiated an open call for proposals for sponsored research in the following areas of interest:

  • Diseases with a genetic basis — e.g. Mendelian diseases, repeat expansion diseases, cancers driven by genomic translocation or gain-of-function allele
  • Therapy directly targets or compensates for the underlying genetic target — e.g. directly inhibits a gain-of-function protein, delivers a functional gene to address a loss-of-function, or directly compensates for the activity of a defective protein.

Examples of studies eligible for funding:

  • Execution of early-stage therapeutic development — e.g., small molecule screening using biophysical assays or testing of non-optimized viral vectors for a genetically validated target, as long as there is information on the clinical side about the genetically-defined patient population (e.g., natural history, unmet need, biomarkers and efficacy outcome measures)
  • Further development of novel therapies —e.g., structure-activity relationship optimization of lead compounds, antibody optimization, investigating chemical modifications on the lead biologic, optimization of viral vectors
  • Proof of concept for lead therapeutic in relevant mammalian models —e.g., knockout mice or patient-derived cells lines

Funding request can range from $100k to $1M and must commensurate with project goals.

Applications due: Monday, March 16, 2020

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For questions, email Dipika Singh, Senior Licensing Manager with Venture Partners at CU Boulder.