At the 2nd Annual UROP Best Practices Colloquium, faculty, instructors and staff explored innovative approaches to creating and sustaining campus cultures supportive of undergraduate research, scholarly and creative production while learning about UROP funding for departments and programs.

Last year’s UROP Department Development Grant recipients gave presentations about their activities to date, which generated lively discussions that carried into the social

This year's event was also part of the Virtual Communities of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities event—a free, full day of live, online presentations and interactions (details below).

Anyone with a CU IdentiKey account can Watch a Video of the event.


2017-18 UROP Department Development Grant Recipients

Active Learning in Letterpress Print Technology

Dr. Susan Guinn-Chipman
Instruction and Exhibits Program Coordinator
Special Collections, Archives & Preservation

Download Presentation Slides: Guinn-Chipman

Susan Guinn-Chipman Dr. Susan Guinn-Chipman, Instruction and Exhibits Program Coordinator at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries, earned her doctorate in early modern European history at CU and has taught a wide range of courses in European history and art history. Her more recent research examines the religious and secular spaces of disease and quarantine in northern England. Over the course of her research for the Stainforth project, she has developed quite a fondness for Rev. Francis John Stainforth, his family and the nineteenth-century spaces of London, and beyond, they inhabited.

Association for Women in Mathematics Undergraduate Research Seminar

Dr. Danielle Lyles​
Applied Mathematics

Download Presentation Slides: Lyles

Danielle Lyles Dr. Danielle Lyles, Instructor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder, received her doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University, where she studied mathematical neuroscience. Following Cornell, Lyles had an National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of California, Davis in the field of theoretical spatial ecology. There, she continued her use of hybrid modeling techniques to explore the interplay between random “noise” and oscillations.

Cultivating Undergraduate Research in the Asian Studies Major

Dr. Colleen Berry​
Associate Director and Instructor
Center for Asian Studies

Download Presentation Slides: Berry

Colleen Berry Dr. Colleen Berry, Associate Director and Instructor, Asian Studies Program at the University of Colorado Boulder, spent several years in Taiwan studying Mandarin before receiving a master’s degree from the Jackson School at the University of Washington. She then led tours in China for 12 years during her doctorate work in Chinese literature at Indiana University. She wrote her thesis while living in Japan for four years where she also studied Japanese and worked for a Japanese company. After that, she taught Mandarin, Japanese, and Chinese literature at the University of Manitoba before moving to the University of North Dakota where she was an associate professor of Chinese Studies.

Connecting our Cohorts: Visualizing the Path of Scholarly Work

Dr. Katharine Semsar​
Assistant Director
Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program (MASP)

Download Presentation Slides: Semsar

Kate Semsar Dr. Katharine Semsar, Assistant Director, Miramontes Arts and Sciences Program, at the University of Colorado Boulder, received her doctorate from North Carolina State University where she studied social and hormonal influences on coral reef fish behavior. She continued her training on the physiological bases of behavior studying genetic models of stress-related behavior during postdoctoral training at University of Pennsylvania. In 2007, she moved to Boulder to become a fellow with the Science Education Initiative in the Integrative Physiology department. Semsar received a 2016 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in STEM Education.


Engineering Leadership Program Online Research Resources Hub

Dr. Angela Thieman Dino​
Senior Instructor
Engineering Leadership Program (ELP)

Download Presentation Slides: Thieman Dino

Angela Thieman Dino Dr. Angela Thieman Dino, Senior Instructor in the Engineering Leadership Program (ELP), at the University of Colorado Boulder, was a visiting fellow for the Law School’s Center for Energy and Environmental Security. Her anthropological research has focused on refugees, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and African-American middle-school girls in Denver. She has participated in founding and governing various local, national and international non-profit organizations with social justice, education and development missions. Her leadership courses, trainings and lectures reflect a proclivity for leadership challenges that are especially complex and require extraordinary ingenuity.

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Virtual Communities of Undergraduate Research

The 2018 Best Practices Colloquium was part of a free, full day of live, online presentations hosted at multiple locations in Colorado, Oklahoma and Maryland. 

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