• promote undergraduate research, scholarly and creative work on the CU Boulder campus
  • facilitate faculty-student partnerships
  • create a culture of research, scholarly and creative work as a critical component of the undergraduate education experience
  • encourage interdisciplinary relationships among and between departments and colleges
  • share research-based expertise, conventions and norms in the disciplines
  • provide modeling and support for best practices in undergraduate mentoring
  • advance efforts to provide research opportunities for underrepresented students
  • prioritize UROP activities when resources are limited

Current Members 

Term: 2016-17 to 2018-19 

Name Category
Rick Seydel Arts & Science (Advisor)
Chris Lowry Arts & Science (Faculty)
Cecilia Pang Arts & Science (Faculty)
Soo Rhee Arts & Science (Faculty)
Anu Sharma Arts & Science (Faculty)
Shaun Davies Business (Faculty)
Elizabeth Dutro Education (Faculty)
Ben Kirshner Education (Faculty)
Angela Thieman-Dino Engineering & Applied Science (Faculty)
Sharon Anderson Engineering & Applied Science (Staff)
Katharine Semsar LEAD Alliance - MASP (Staff)
Elizabeth Skewes Media, Communication & Information (Faculty)
Austin Okigbo Music (Faculty)
Daniel Silver Music (Faculty)
Karen Regan (Chair) Research and Innovation (Staff)
Corinna Rohse Undergraduate Education - SASC (Staff)
Lisa Romero de Mendoza Biological Sciences Initiative (Staff)
Joan Gabriele Ex-Officio - SUEP
Tim O'Neil Ex-Officio - SUEP

Board Composition

The Advisory Board shall consist of (1) four faculty representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences and two from each of the other schools and colleges with undergraduate students, (2) one representative each from Undergraduate Education Programs, the LEAD Alliance, Academic Advising, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and (3) at least two at-large graduate students. All members serve staggered three-year terms, and membership may be renewed for one additional three-year term.  We’ll solicit nominations for board positions from department chairs and the graduate school. Any faculty member shall be eligible to serve as Advisory Board Chair after serving on the board previously.  The Chair shall serve a two-year term following election by the board members and approved by the Director of SUEP. The Director and Assistant Director of SUEP will serve as ex-officio members.

Membership Expectations

  • Serving on the board for above-mentioned terms
  • Involving department faculty in providing UROP counsel related to undergraduate research
  • Advocating for financial and other types of support for undergraduate research on campus
  • Supporting fundraising efforts with the Office of Advancement and UROP
  • Attending the annual UROP symposium held in October
  • Reviewing UROP applications and recruiting colleagues to review applications
  • Providing outreach to faculty to share best practices in undergraduate mentoring

Meeting Schedule

The Board will ordinarily convene at least once per academic year, typically in Fall.  All board members are expected to attend.  The purpose of the meeting shall be for the Board and the UROP management team to discuss the state of UROP.  The meeting will include a budget presentation from SUEP and budget planning for the next academic year. New approaches to enhancing and improving the activities of UROP shall also be considered at that meeting.