With decades of scholarship on high-impact practices, we know that learning in partnership with the research and creative community creates impact at the intersection of scholarship and teaching—and is disproportionally valuable for historically minoritized and underserved students.

A significant body of scholarship has emerged and continues to demonstrate the value of broadening participation and involving students as early as possible. We invite you to explore the resources and references included here to advance your work with students and welcome insight about additional resources.

Recent white papers from the Council on Undergraduate Research highlight how engagement prepares students to meet the needs of employers in the rapidly changing future of work. To succeed, students will need critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication—all learning outcomes from undergraduate research.

Strategic Planning

The IDEA Plan calls on the university to “grow efforts to increase the accessibility of [HIPs] programming (study abroad, internships, undergraduate research) for all students.”

The Academic Futures report recommends that “schools and colleges should make available research experiences and/or internship and community engagement opportunities for undergraduates, and students should be strongly encouraged to take advantage of such offerings.”