Explore academic interests beyond the classroom

My supervisor brought incredible technical expertise and a creative mindset to my project. She helped me make my research methodology more concrete and gave me new ideas about what type of data I could collect. The UROP program was an amazing opportunity to engage as a scholar in my field. Because of the ability to tailor my UROP proposal to something specific that I wanted to explore, I had the freedom and resources that I would not have had working in a lab. I learned a tremendous amount about academic research. I can now better understand the literature in architectural engineering and design, have deeper conversations relevant to the field, and contribute in a more meaningful way. - Michael Anthony

The most valuable part of working on this project was undoubtedly the experience of working with primary materials. For an art history student, I never would have imagined that I would be able to physically see and record the documents of an important figure like Picasso. It was UROP funding that made it possible for me to travel to France, without which I would have never been able to perform research in the archives of the Picasso Museum. - Mary Sachs

 Get hands-on experience with research or creative production

My “lightbulb moment” this summer really came as the realization that I now have the ability to test the questions that I have rather than being stuck wondering about them. - Molly Madden

I had the opportunity to observe my mentor and a grad student problem-solve a complex issue. It was extremely informative to watch how they tackled the problem. In addition, I was able to offer them input, further advancing the project and my ability to communicate effectively. - David Merkel

  Develop student-faculty relationships for professional references

My mentor was incredibly valuable in supporting my growth as a researcher while still allowing me the space to come to my own conclusions and make my own mistakes. He was always available to help me with my problems, but expected me to construct my own solutions. This process was helpful in developing my creative and critical thinking skills. - Chiara Dart

The most valuable part of working with my mentor was her ability to help me look at the bigger picture. Without extensive knowledge of the community and the world of academia, I was sometimes short-sighted in my conclusions or hasty to abandon ideas. My mentor was there to help me contextualize the results I was seeing and demonstrate how to best present them professionally. - Liam Fisher

 Acquire academic and professional skills and credentials

UROP is an excellent program for students who aspire to tackle complicated issues while enhancing their professional development. I greatly enjoyed my time with my mentors. If you are a student that is passionate about working on meaningful projects and want to further your knowledge in your field, this will be a great fit for you. - David Merkel

I did not even know how much I did not know before this project. My mentors taught me so much. Those skills will stay with me in both the professional and personal sides of my life. - Hannah Hartung

The most valuable part of my experience working on this project was to learn how to trust myself. Working on my project this summer helped me to be more confident when approaching problems. Each time I failed, I would learn something new. - Fredy Ramirez

Refine your academic and career goals

This opportunity allowed me to see whether or not this was actually a career field I would enjoy as a professional. This was the greatest way I could've spent my summer and confirmed that grad school and research was the field I wanted to pursue. - Thad Gleason

The most valuable part of my experience working on this project was learning how to communicate with the professionals in this field. I learned how willing scientists were to help me, whether it was furthering my career path or answering technical questions about the project. This experience boosted my confidence in myself overall and specifically in working in the medical/research field. - Ryan Beck