UROP Individual Grants allow students to take ownership of part or all of a project with an original proposal.


Student Grant amounts vary based on grant type and term, according to the following guidelines; summer grants are larger to account for additional cost of living. Visit the Student Award Payment page for details.

  • Summer: $3,000
  • Academic Year: $1,500

Get Started with Individual Grants

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  5. Confirm policy compliance.

Context and Objectives

100 word maximum: State the specific objectives/purpose of your project and, if applicable, of the larger project within which yours is embedded. Explain the project's relevance and who stands to benefit.

Creative/Performance Projects: Tell us the objectives, points of curiosity from which you're starting, hypothesis or question you're exploring and the guiding principles of the work. Discuss where and when the final project will be exhibited, displayed or performed.

100 word maximum: Situate your project within other work in the field by providing a summary of the work done and discuss the theoretical traditions influencing your project.  Note what is original about your project and what contribution it makes to the field.

Creative/Performance Projects: Discuss what theoretical, aesthetic, and/or creative traditions influence your project. Include what contributions you're making to the field. Include your own creative/performance history and talk about how it's prepared you for this project.

Mentor Endorsement Prompt

100 words maximum: Comment on the development of this proposal, noting the origin of the idea and its potential impact in the field.

Methodology and Strategy

200 word maximum: Explain the method(s)/strategy used in this project, including justification for your approach. Also justify international travel, if your project requires it. 

50 word maximum: Note any experience, training and/or coursework required to complete this project, and explain how you have prepared.

Mentor Endorsement Prompt

100 words maximum: Comment on your mentee's ability to perform this project, highlighting relevant coursework, experience with methods and/or materials, and other relevant certifications and qualifications.

Learning Objectives     

100 word maximum: Describe how this project advances your personal, academic and/or professional goals, including how it fits within your degree plan.

Mentor Endorsement Prompt

100 words maximum: Respond to your mentee's learning goals, commenting on 1) how you and/or an additional supervisor will support these objectives and 2) how this project will advance their academic and/or professional goals?

Resources and Materials

Departmental disbursements should be limited to project expenses your mentee would have difficulty paying from their stipend, such as lab supplies and testing fees. Travel and other project expenses should be paid by the student from the stipend payment. If this application is awarded, these funds will be disbursed in one payment to the speedtype listed. 

75 word maximum: Indicate the resources and materials needed for your project, and explain how you plan to acquire and make use of them.

Mentor Endorsement Prompts

Should some of this grant be disbursed to a faculty/departmental account?

If Yes: (100 words maximum) Explain the need to transfer funds to a faculty/departmental account.


150 word maximum: Outline the major phases of your project, providing a timeline of activities.

Mentor Endorsement Prompt

Optional: Provide additional information about this project timeline.

Apply for an Individual Grant