As a student you have been asked to answer many questions after long nights studying alone, but working as a scholar is a collaborative process enabled by your curiosity and creativity.

Your ability to contribute is not measured by your GPA and your perspective is powerful. Due to the collaborative nature of most creative and academic work, the skills needed to succeed involve more than your technical abilities (and often despite them)—and range from communication to creativity. 

Reflection Questions

  • What patterns are emerging in your experience that inspire your curiosity?
  • What life experiences give you unique insight?
  • How might your unique perspective bring new insight to an established conversation?
  • What excites you about your field of study, major or developing interest?
  • How do your academic interests connect with your personal and professional goals?
  • What strengths and skills do you already have?


  • Working Independently
  • Thinking Collectively


  • Working Collaboratively
  • Thinking Independently