Consider your curiosities, career path and the change you want to make while exploring the academic and creative life of the university.

Consider the Opportunity to Engage

We encourage you to consider participation in the dynamic research and creative community as a unique opportunity for experiential learning that builds in-demand job skills while preparing you for the dynamic future of work.

Curiosity in Context

Consider where your curiosity is pointing you and where you can draw the confidence to explore (and expand) your context. 

The Netflix Dilemma

Choosing an experiential learning opportunity to pursue can feel as overwhelming and frustrating as choosing what to watch on Netflix—with more at stake than a boring movie.

Your Intersectional Lens

All aspects of your identity and individual approach to processing your experience, or “ways of knowing,” give you valuable insight and enable your curiosity.

Student to Scholar

As a student you have been asked to answer many questions after long nights studying alone, but working as a scholar is a collaborative process enabled by your curiosity and creativity.

Inform Your Thinking

The "Inform Your Thinking" video series provides an introduction to information literacy, which can help students understand the scholarly conversation—and how to enter it.

Recommended Reading

Check out some of UROP's favorite books and articles for students considering research and creative work.