Start conversations with the people around you and consider the following ways to find a mentor working in an area of interest to you, then check out UROP's guide to Connecting with Faculty.

UROP student grants require students to be supervised by an eligible faculty mentor and welcomes collaboration in developing projects. Tenured/tenure-track, research faculty and contract instructors, including faculty from the University of Colorado Anschutz and Denver campuses, are eligible to be mentors.

Stay Curious

  • Know there's a place for you in the academic and creative life of the university.
  • Think about your academic and creative interests—and what makes you curious.
  • Connect with the people in your communities by checking out your department website.
  • Consider what you care about and the change you want to make.

It’s easy to imagine that your professors and peers have always known who they wanted to be and followed a straight path to success—but they too have wondered about their next step and even tripped a few times.  Failure is part of everyone’s story, so don’t let it stop you from following your curiosity and exploring new goals—even if you don’t yet know where you’re going or are very proud of your past.

You are more than your academic interests and abilities in the classroom, and your goals involve more than a degree and career. You have strengths and experiences that give you unique insight and the ability to contribute to changes you want to see in communities you care about.  Your curiosities empower your creativity to create change, discover new insights, and grow as a leader and global citizen.