CU Boulder is a public research institution classified as an R1, which means the faculty teaching your classes are engaged in a very high level of research activity.

We encourage you to start conversations with the people around you and consider finding a mentor working in an area of interest to you.  And check out our guide to connecting with faculty for advice about making contact.

With nearly 100 research institutes and centers, our campus has many opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary conversations in the humanities, arts, social sciences, natural sciences, business and law.

Buff Innovator Insights

Listen Now and SubscribeThe Buff Innovator Insights podcast offers a behind-the-curtain look at some of the most ground-breaking innovations and the personal journeys that made those discoveries possible. 

Listen for an up-close and personal look at how researchers, scholars and artists become global pioneers, and their visions of the future in the wide range of fields they explore.