After students have been entered for payment in the system, they may setup or confirm their direct deposit information to receive their UROP award payment directly in their bank account.2

Payroll Help

If you have questions about direct deposit, your mailing address or other payroll issues, contact Employee Services, Payroll Dept.

Current employees should still follow these instructions to confirm their direct deposit and mailing address information is correct.

Details about the payment schedule (including when to setup/confirm direct deposit and mailing address information) are not included in decision notices but will be sent as a follow-up email after the acceptance process is completed. 

2If students do not setup direct deposit, they will be mailed a check at the "mailing address" in the system.

Setting up direct deposit for your Bursar account is not the same as doing so in the myCUinfo employee portal.

Moved recently? Planning to move soon?

Consider setting up mail forwarding with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ensure you receive your payment.  

About Award Payment Financial & Tax Information