UROP Student Grant funding is issued directly to students in one payment near the beginning of the award period (minus expenses designated for disbursement to the department1).

Pay Schedule

2020 Summer

Pay Day: June 12, 2020

Setup/Confirm Window: June 1-3, 2020

2020-21 Academic Year

Pay Day: TBD

Setup/Confirm Window: TBD

Read the New Procedures for Student Grant Offers

Funding is paid as a stipend using the university's payroll system (job code 3205), so students will need to be enrolled in the system before they can be paid.

The UROP Student Grant Application collects information needed to enroll students in the payroll system; students will be asked to review and update their information in the Award Acceptance form.

Partners in the HR Service Center (HRSC) enter students in the payroll system.  Project mentors of students receiving Assistantships or Individual Grants will be required to approve student award offers using the Mentor Award Confirmation form but will not process student payments.

Students without a social security number will need to apply for one to complete the payment process; instructions will be sent to applicable students.

Students are not required to track expenses or provide receipts to UROP.

1If any part of the award has been designated for disbursement to the department by the project mentor, the amount is noted in the official decision notice.

​ Action Needed

After students have been entered for payment in the system, they may setup or confirm their direct deposit information to receive their UROP payment directly in their bank account.2

Current employees should still follow these instructions to confirm their direct deposit and mailing address information is correct.

Details about the payment schedule (including when to setup/confirm direct deposit and mailing address information) are not included in decision notices but will be sent as a follow-up email after the acceptance process is completed. 

2If students do not setup direct deposit, they will be mailed a check at the "mailing address" in the system.

Setup/Confirm Direct Deposit Information & Mailing Address

Financial & Tax Information