To be eligible for UROP funding, students must be full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates at the University of Colorado Boulder based on the following enrollment guidelines.

Enrollment Guidelines

Academic Year

Academic Year term applicants must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters.


Summer term applicants must not graduate before the end of the summer term, but are not required to be enrolled in credit-bearing coursework during the summer.

Mentor Requirement

All students grants must be supervised by an eligible faculty mentor. 

Tenured/tenure-track, research faculty and contract instructors, including faculty from the University of Colorado Anschutz and Denver campuses, are eligible to be mentors. 

Graduate students or post-docs may serve in a supervisory role, but the faculty mentor must provide some direct mentoring to the undergraduate.

Mentor Endorsement Information

Special Circumstances

Additional guidelines may apply to students in the following circumstances.

Students may earn course credit for their project activities while receiving UROP funding in the following circumstances:

  • The student is enrolled in an independent study course with their project mentor.
  • The student is enrolled in a thesis or thesis prep. course.

Students may not receive UROP funding for CUREs (course-embedded research)—that is, they are enrolled in a course with a research component.

Faculty interested in organizing a research team and/or supporting collaborative projects may consider applying for a UROP Team Grant.

Students graduating in the Fall Term (December) may apply for Academic Year Grants if they meet all other eligibility criteria and should be aware the following guidelines:

  • Fall graduates will only be awarded half the value of the grant funding amount (disbursed at the beginning of the fall term).
  • Students must indicate the intent to graduate in the fall when applying; failure to note accurate graduation plans could result in the forfeiture of UROP funding.
  • The Progress Update and Final Survey deadlines will be earlier for students graduating in the fall term (December).

Students pursuing concurrent Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees are eligible for UROP funding until they transition to “graduate status” and should be aware of upcoming changes in university policy that may affect their eligibility. 

Starting Fall 2019, students in concurrent programs will graduate with their Bachelor’s degree once they complete their undergraduate degree requirements and will continue as graduate students to the completion of their Master’s degree.  Up to twelve credit hours of graduate-level work taken as an undergraduate may count toward the Master’s degree. Students should consult with their departmental advisors about their program guidelines before applying for UROP funding. 

Refer to the Graduate School's Guidelines for Concurrent Degree Programs for additional information.

Because UROP Grants are categorized as income, all student-athletes regardless of sport or scholarship status, may receive funding without financial aid implications. But student-athletes must report the award to CU Athletics.​

We are committed to ensuring access to funding for ASSET/DACA students. Currently, ASSET/DACA students are not required to complete any additional paperwork to receive funding.

International students may apply for UROP Grants if they meet all other eligibility criteria, and should be aware the following guidelines:

Financial and Tax Information

  • Student stipends offered by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) are fellowships/stipends and are not employee compensation. UROP provides support for undergraduates who do research and creative work.  Although UROP stipend payments are administrated through the university’s payroll office (Employee Services), they are not considered payroll wages. 
  • "Nonresident aliens" (a potentially offensive legal term used here to align with state and federal law) are subject to federal income tax withholding; thus, should schedule an appointment a university International Tax Specialist.  The university is required to report the payments on the federal form 1042-S.

Social Security Number (SSN)

  • Students without a social security number will need to apply for one to complete the payroll enrollment process even if they have an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

Additional Information About Social Security Numbers

Students may not receive concurrent funding from CU Boulder's Biological Sciences Initiative (BSI) but may withdraw accepted UROP grants to participate in BSI.