Tenured/tenure-track, research faculty and contract instructors at the University of Colorado Boulder are eligible to mentor Student Grants and apply for all Faculty Grants.

Note: Graduate students or post-docs may serve in a supervisory role on student grants, but the faculty mentor must provide some direct mentoring to the undergraduate.

Mentor Requirement

All student grants must be supervised by an eligible faculty mentor, who will need to provide a "Mentor Endorsement" to complete student grant applications. 

Mentor Endorsement

As students submit applications for UROP funding, their mentors will receive an email with a link to access the "Mentor Endorsement" form. 

Relevant information from the student's application, such as the project proposal, will be included in the form for reference. Successful submission of the mentor endorsement will complete the student's application and begin the review and selection process. Incomplete applications will not be considered in the review and selection process. 

All mentors will be asked to respond to the following prompts: 

Context and Objectives

100 word maximum: Comment on the development of this proposal, noting the origin of the idea and its potential impact in the field.

Methodology and Strategy

100 word maximum: Comment on the student's ability to perform this project, highlighting relevant coursework, experience with methods and/or materials, and other relevant certifications and qualifications.

Learning Objectives

100 word maximum: Respond to the student's learning goals, commenting on how you and/or an additional supervisor will support these objectives. How will this project advance the student's personal, academic and/or professional goals?

Resources and Materials

Mentors will be asked the following questions on the endorsement form.  Departmental disbursements should be limited to project expenses the student would have difficulty paying from their stipend, such as lab supplies and testing fees. Travel and other project expenses should be paid by the student from the stipend payment. 

  • Should some of this grant be disbursed to a faculty/departmental account?
  • What speedtype should receive this disbursement?
  • Itemize your budgetary request.