Consider the following pathways to identifying a mentor working in an area of interest to you and refer to the guide to connecting with faculty for information about making contact.

CU Experts is a research and expertise discovery database that is searchable by department, research areas, international activities, and more.

CU Experts

Most departments/programs have a directory of faculty on their websites with information about each individual's research expertise and current activities.

Department Websites

CU Boulder's research institutes account for more than half of all sponsored research dollars at the university. There are also nearly 90 research centers.

Institutes & Centers

Review recently-awarded UROP student grants to identify faculty with experience mentoring undergraduate projects.

UROP Grant Directory

View the faculty profiles of the UROP Symposium interest table hosts to find experienced mentors.

UROP Symposium Profiles

Talk to your community of professors, advisors and peers about the research, scholarly and creative work of interest to you.

 Tip: Explore career paths to find a mentor.

Search potential career paths with What Can I Do With A Major In? and use the “area” terms to find potential mentors in CU Experts.

Student Grant Application Guide

Student Resources