Environment for the Americas is now accepting applications for over 75 Summer Internship Programs across the US, offering opportunities to work in national parks and historic sites.

Our internship programs provide a unique hands-on experience and valuable skills-building opportunity for underrepresented young adults in national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and other significant sites.

Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP)

Collaborate with the National Park Service (NPS) and EFTA through the LHIP program. This program offers motivated undergraduate and graduate students the chance to work alongside NPS professionals in various national parks, offices, and historical sites. Get hands-on experience in researching and managing natural and cultural resources and engaging with the public. Applications Due: February 5, 2024

Mosaics in Science (MIS) Diversity Internship Program

Designed for college students and recent graduates underrepresented in STEM fields, the MIS program provides on-the-ground, natural resource science-based work experience in the National Park System. Be part of a 12 or 20 week research team and work side-by-side with scientists at national parks. Application Due: January 21, 2024

Fish & Feathers Internship Program

Funded by the National Park Service and administered by EFTA, this 12-week summer internship focuses on community outreach projects related to fishing, birding, and other outdoor recreational activities. Engage with local communities while supporting and leading projects in various national parks. Be a spokesperson for fishing and birdwatching activities at national parks across the country. Application Due: February 5, 2024

Resource Assistants Program

Partnered with the US Forest Service, EFTA offers paid internships in USFS locations nationwide. From outdoor fieldwork to research, conservation, recreation, law enforcement, finance, and budgets, there are positions ranging from six months to one year. Application Due: April 2024

Monarch & Pollinator Research and Education

Participate in a six-week to six-month program conducting monarch and other pollinator surveys and developing education/outreach activities on military installations. Application Due: February 5, 2024

Why Choose EFTA's Internship Programs?

  • Paid Opportunities: All our internship programs come with stipends paid every two weeks, so you can focus on gaining valuable experience without any financial stress.
  • Comprehensive Support: We offer consistent communication, handle program logistics, organize post-internship career and leadership workshops, and make sure interns receive all the necessary materials.
  • Networking and Training: Join webinars, take part in special activities, and have regular meetings on Zoom to connect with professionals in the conservation field.

Applications are now open, and we encourage you to spread the word to friends, family, and early career professionals who are eager to advance their conservation careers.

At Environment for the Americas, we're passionate about promoting diversity in the conservation field. Join us in building a future where everyone is represented.

We can't wait to have you on this journey!