Alana Faller

Frustrated by the challenging jargon (specialized language) used in publicly-funded scientific research, Ally Faller, undergraduate English and TAM major, set out to design a set of tools to give academics valuable insight into their articles before publishing.

“My research,” Ally recalls, “was born out of the critical need to ease the tangled communication channels between lay-people and scientists.”  She hopes that bridging this gap helps people self-educate and become more deeply invested in urgent humanitarian issues.

With the support of UROP funding last summer, Ally designed an AI-powered graphic user interface to identify how readers might have difficulty understanding technical parts of academic articles while suggesting more accessible alternatives.

Ally worked with faculty mentor Katherine Mika, former Data Services Librarian, to develop the project, which introduced her to dozens of linguistic processing algorithms. “I think I learned more about coding in R last summer than in three previous courses.”  

The Lightbulb Moment

The Lightbulb Moment is a story series produced in coordination with CU Boulder's Strategic Relations and college-level communications offices in Arts & Sciences and Engineering & Applied Science that employs student videographers in all aspects of video production.

In these short stories, UROP invites students and faculty to reflect on their interests and experiences as they share the unexpected insights that have illuminated their paths—their "lightbulb moments."

In the video above, Ally reflects on her lightbulb moment for the Jargon Analysis Project.  The video was produced by undergraduate Jaret Anderson.

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