Buff Portal is replacing MyCUInfo as the student portal. Is your content ready?

The Unified Student Experience (USE) project is nearing the official launch of Buff Portal to students, which will replace the student tab in MyCUInfo on December 30, 2019.

There are approximately 12,000 references to MyCUInfo on colorado.edu websites and more in print materials. Please note that some of those references are to the CU Resources and Teaching Tools tabs in MyCUInfo, and will not need to be changed. MyCUInfo will still be used for student employee and teaching purposes, and may be accessed through Buff Portal or directly at MyCUInfo. Before Buff Portal launches, content owners across campus will need to update web pages, online resources, emails, videos and/or print materials that reference the MyCUInfo student tab.

MyCUHub name change

As part of unifying the student experience, the student view of MyCUHub will be renamed Buff Portal Advising on December 30. Content owners will need to update references to MyCUHub on colorado.edu websites and in print materials. Please note that the link to MyCUHub will not change when its name changes to Buff Portal Advising.


Buff Portal beta is currently live for students, with new functionality being added every day. On October 15, a countdown clock will appear in MyCUInfo announcing its retirement on December 30 and directing students to start using Buff Portal.