What is Buff Portal?

Buff Portal is CU Boulder’s new online student portal that replaced the student tab in MyCUInfo on December 30, 2019. This new platform will serve as a one-stop-shop to enhance how students find the resources they need to succeed and thrive at CU Boulder.

Access Buff Portal at buffportal.colorado.edu using your CU Identikey credentials.

Why Switch to Buff Portal? 

For some time, students have reported issues with MyCUInfo, including a confusing and cluttered layout, difficulty finding what they were looking for and a poor mobile experience. By developing our own portal at CU Boulder, we’ll be able to continually improve and tailor Buff Portal to meet student wants and needs.

Design Process

We are actively partnering with students and campus offices to build and enhance the new student portal. Students have been involved at every step of the Buff Portal design process - brainstorming designs, prototyping, and providing feedback to make sure the development of the portal was on the right track. Are you a CU Boulder student? Learn more and get involved with Buff Portal today!


 Refine. Final design is built. Students test. Iterate as needed.

Success Measures

The below design principles were articulated by students and executive leadership and serve as success measures for Buff Portal.

  • Adhering to accessibility standards to design a seamless experience that is comparably accessible to all students, including students with disabilities.
  • Protecting student data and other confidential information as listed under the Policy for Web Site and Web Application Safety.

  • Providing students with a comprehensive single, point of entry that connects them to all administrative and academic services that they need. This includes pervasive single sign on.
  • Designing an accompanying face-to-face or virtual, peer-to-peer, or staff-to-student experience to connect students to the resources they need when they need them.

  • Personalizing the content and providing students control over the information they see. This includes providing students with several options on how to find the information they need.
  • Designing an adaptive experience that provides students with the right information at the right time. The experience adapts to the specific time in the academic year, to the type of student, their current status, etc.

  • Designing an easy-to-learn interface with functions that are easily understood or easily predicted by students.
  • Allowing students to accomplish tasks easily with reduced frustrations.

  • Providing students with a robust technology infrastructure that does not fail them when they need it the most. This also includes the online experience being browser agnostic.
  • Allowing students to get their tasks done in the most efficient ways. This includes leveraging mobile-friendliness and search and integrating all student data with all systems.

  • Leveraging beautiful and aesthetically pleasing interfaces to design a delightful and pleasant online experience.
  • Designing for simplicity. Allowing students to accomplish tasks in the least number of steps possible.


*The Seamless Online Student Experience: Summative Report has additional information about Buff Portal’s design principles.