Save Money!

Your choices impact CU, the UMC and YOU!

$5.38: The cost for the UMC to replace one dinner plate.
$4.03: The cost for the UMC replace a salad bowl.
$3.50: The cost for the UMC replace a dozen utensils.

804: The number of reusable bowls replaced in one semester at the Alferd Packer Grill.
8,400: The number of reusable utensils replaced in one semester at the Alferd Packer Grill.
200: The number of reusable dinner plates replaced in one semester at the Alferd Packer Grill. 

As a student center, these prices affect UMC costs and your costs! Keep UMC reusable dinnerware in the UMC and return them to the tray returns to keep student fees down.

Reduce Waste!

Here is the problem nationwide:

2.5 million: The number of plastic beverage bottles thrown away every hour.(1)
500: The number of disposable cups the average American office worker uses every year.(1)
50%: The amount of garbage thrown out that could be recycled (enough to fill a football stadium every day!).(3)

The Alferd Packer Grill offers the option of using reusable plates and utensils when eating in the UMC.
Do your part in diminishing waste. Please use reusables when dining inside the building. 

Be Good to the Environment!

Here is the problem nationwide: 

25%: The amount of materials that should NOT be in landfills because they are compostable.(2)
93%: The amount of recyclable plastics that are not recovered and go to landfills.(2)
$11.4 billion: The value of recyclable materials that pile up in U.S. landfills every year.(4) 

Be sure to throw compostables into the UMC bins marked “COMPOST.”
The Alferd Packer Grill has reusable, recyclable AND compostable items. Put each item in its correct place!

Why must compostables only go in COMPOST bins? 
Compostables require specialized composting facilities; they should never go into landfills. In oxygen-deprived environments such as landfills, compostables release large amounts of methane, a flammable greenhouse gas that traps heat and harms the environment when it escapes into the atmosphere. PLEASE BE SURE your compostables go into COMPOST bins.