Have your next party or event at The Connection!

Fill out the form below to request a reservation for your event. Please remember to fill in all areas that have an asterisk and print out the page for your records before submitting the form.

We are only able to accept reservations for events beginning February 17.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
See pricing for the Group Packages on the Event Packages page.
See pricing for the Group Packages on the Event Packages page.
See pricing for the Group Packages on the Event Packages page.
Reservations must be submitted at least three business days in advance of your event date. Your credit card or Speedtype will be charged in full three business days prior to your event.
Non-university groups: No funds can be collected by your organization in The Connection. Funds should be collected in advance. Any funds collected the day of the event will be done by The Connection staff at the service desk.
Once your request has been approved, payment in full MUST be received 3 business days prior to the event or the event may be canceled by The Connection Manager. Once payment is made, there will be NO REFUNDS or DATE CHANGES.
Food for events and reservations in The Connection must be provided by CU Events Planning & Catering, a University Memorial Center food vendor or The Connection. Requests for catering need to be submitted either 10 full business days prior to an event for the full menu or 5 full business days prior to an event for the express drop-off menu. Inquires and questions about catering can be directed at cueventsplanning@colorado.edu.
Any decorations MUST be approved PRIOR to the event by The Connection Manager. Items are prohibited from being nailed, screwed or taped to the facility or disassembling, altering or removing any item or fixture of the university without prior permission in writing from the university. Any and all charges of service or damages to The Connection and/or the equipment are the responsibility of the group or organization. The group/organization is responsible for the clean up of any area(s) utilized during the event. The group/organization will be charged a fee of no less than $100 for clean-up left for The Connection/UMC staff to complete.
The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in The Connection ONLY by persons 21 years of age and older (with valid ID). These beverages can ONLY be provided by The Connection. If ANY other alcoholic beverage is found in your group’s possession while utilizing this space, you and your group will not be granted any future reservation privileges and may be subject to university sanctions.
The Chancellor or his or her designee may close all or a portion of the campus or limit access to specified areas of the campus for one or more of the following reasons: Weather, flood, fire or other emergencies. Applicable campus policies will control these closures; To prevent material and substantial disruption of the university’s operations and/or activities; Public safety; Construction or maintenance project or operation. The decision to close all or part of the campus will be made by the Chancellor or (designee). The Chancellor may consult with various individuals on campus and ask for recommendations, but the Chancellor will make the final decision. If there is a closure under this policy, no events will be scheduled and any scheduled events may be canceled. If only a portion of the campus is closed or has access limited to it, no events will be scheduled for that portion of campus and any events scheduled for that part of campus may be canceled.
Permission to use the space on the date and time indicated herein is granted based on information provided. Any changes must be communicated to The Connection Manager to maintain the reservation. Final signature by the applicant indicates the willingness to abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulation of the University of Colorado. The university reserves the right to terminate immediately the privileges for use of facilities of any individual and/or group which refuses to comply with university regulations, or which permits conduct considered detrimental to the university.

Please Note
The Connection is located inside the University Memorial Center on the CU Boulder campus. On-campus parking is extremely limited.

The Euclid Parking Garage at 18th and Euclid is the closest public parking to the UMC. See hourly rates. You may be able to find free parking on The Hill, the neighborhood located across Broadway from the UMC. Accessible parking can be found at blue metered parking spaces directly next to the UMC.