**Here is what you need to know in response to the latest University COVID-19 Update**:

UGGS Travel Grants: The University is suspending all university-funded international and domestic travel.

  • Students whose conference have been cancelled or students who choose not to travel due to the cornavirus will still be reimbursed up to $300 for their transportation arrangement, hotel costs, and registration fees. (You will not be reimbursed if you received a full refund or full credit on everything)

  • Students who do not use their UGGS travel grant this semester will have until the end of next academic year (FY 2020-2021) to use their funds. Student will not need to re-apply. 

  • UGGS has been working closely with Center for Student Involvement to handle finances on a case by case basis. Please contact them if you have specific reimbursement questions (csifinance@colorado.edu). Rest assured that we are here to ease the financial burden off students. 

UGGS Student Group Grants: The University is suspending all large and/or multi-day events.

  • Student groups who have spent their funds but cancelled the event and cannot get refunded will still be reimburse up to $750.
  • Student groups who have not used their funds and would like to postpone the event will have until the end of next academic year (FY 2020-2021) to host the event. Groups will not need to re-apply. 

Please contact our Director of Finance Shirley Huang if you have any questions at shirley.huang-1@colorado.edu. (Please be patient as I respond to all these emails)



UGGS sponsors two types of student grants:

  1. Individual Travel Grants
  2. Student Group Grants

There are two grant series per academic year, one each semester. 

  • Fall Grants cover travel and events taking place between September 1st, 2019 and March 1st, 2020. 
  • Spring Grants cover travel and events taking place between March 1st, 2020 and September 1st, 2020.

Individual Travel Grants

International Students - Please assure that you are permitted to receive a travel grant and make sure that you will not receive extra taxes on the grants (checkout this link)

The United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS) awards funding (up to $300) to individual graduate students each academic semester to support travel to academic conferences, meetings, or other events related to the student's studies. Students are eligible to receive travel aid only once in their tenure as a CU-Boulder graduate student. This allows more students a chance to get funding. Please review the Policy and example essays below. Please note that students from departments with high participation at UGGS assembly meetings (attended 75% or more of the meetings in the previous semester) will receive 5 points of their application grade based on such attendance.

UGGS Travel Grants 101

UGGS Travel Grant Rules and Procedures

Travel Grant Essay Grading Rubric

Example Essay #1

Example Essay #2

Please Note: The UGGS Travel Grant is different from the Graduate School Student Travel Grant. Applying to UGGS Travel Grant does not affect your eligibility to apply to the the other.

Student Group Grants

The United Government of Graduate Student (UGGS) facilitates the efforts and initiatives of CU-Boulder graduate students working toward the betterment of the university environment and/or the broader communities in which they live and work through financial support for these student groups each academic semester. As such, UGGS offers a limited number of grants (up to $750) to CU-Boulder student groups that advance and enrich the graduate student experience at CU. Please review the Policy below.

Student Group Event Grant Policies and Procedures

UGGS Group Grant Event Form

UGGS Group Grant Budget and Waiver Form