UGGS is comprised of an Assembly and the Executive Board. The Assembly consists of a representative from each academic department on campus while the Executive Board is a nine-member elected board composed of UGGS Officers.

Meet Your Current Departmental Representative

Our officers hold weekly office hours so that students can visit, share feedback, and voice concerns about their experience as graduate students at CU.

UGGS is also working to increase graduate student representation on a variety of committees across campus. These representatives are vital for making the graduate student voice heard during important decisions. If you would like to get involved, please contact us!

Meet Our Committee Representatives

UGGS Officers


UGGS Executive Board

Matt in a suit in front of a blue background

Matthew (Matt) Vondrasek

UGGS Executive Board
Matt is a third year J.D. student at the law school. He studies energy and administrative law issues in the context of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska Pronouns : he/him/his Contact me if: you want to represent UGGS to the university and the media. I also run Assembly and officer meetings and oversee officers and big-picture UGGS goals. My goals: Matt has set out broad goals to...
Emily standing in front of water and trees

Emily (Em) Nocito

VP of Internal Affairs
UGGS Executive Board
Em is a third year PhD student in Environmental Studies. She studies marine conservation in the high seas, via international environmental governances Hometown: Essex County, NJ Pronouns : she/her/hers Contact me if: you want to know more about the Internal Affairs team. I also connect with administrative groups internal to CU Boulder, such as Graduate School and Office of Student Affairs. My goals: I plan to continue UGGS' work to...
Anthony in a suit standing before a blank background

Anthony Pinter

VP of External Affairs
UGGS Executive Board
Anthony is a fourth year PhD student in Information Science. He studies how people create and change their identity online during times of life transition such as death, gender transition, or relationship dissolution. Hometown: Hollidaysburg, PA Pronouns : he/him/his Contact me if: you want to know more about the External Affairs team. I also connect with external groups such as CU Student Government, Intercampus Student Forum, and National Association of...

Internal Affairs

picture of Erin in front of the Statue of Liberty

Erin Schultz

Director of Data Analysis
Internal Affairs
Erin is a second year ME student in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering. She works full-time as a Geocoding Data Analyst for Microsoft's Bing Maps and enjoys analyzing large amounts of data, and using any type of software on the computer. Hometown: Morristown, NJ Pronouns : she/her/hers Contact me if: you have ideas about collecting and analyzing student data, such as financial and housing. I also generate reports to share...
headshot of Lange outside

Lange Simmons

Director of Finance
Internal Affairs
Lange is a third year PhD student in Physics. He studies ultrafast laser pulse generation for biomedical imaging. Hometown: Colorado City, CO Pronouns : he/him/his Contact me if: you have questions about the budget. I also oversee grant nominations and grading. My goals: I will continue to leverage UGGS resources to help current and future graduate students and will strive to find new ways to help as well. Fun Fact:...
Edu in front of outdoor scene

Eduardo (Edu) Montes Romero

Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Internal Affairs
Edu is a second year MA student in Hispanic Linguistics. He is interested in teacher education, specifically for Spanish heritage language teachers and how to make it easier for them in the second language mixed classroom! Hometown: Plasencia, Extremadura, Spain Pronouns : he/him/his Contact me if: you have ideas for events such as listening sessions and social events that are inclusive for all students. I also connect with diversity and...
picture of Fahad in a suit

M. Fahad Humayun

Internal Affairs
Fahad is a second year PhD student in Journalism. He studies the effects of automation on journalistic routines and political socialization. Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan Pronouns : he/him/his Contact me if: you have questions about documentation of Assembly and officer meetings. My goals: As secretary of UGGS, I work closely with the President to streamline assembly agendas and coordinate across the board as well as call on assembly meetings. Fun Fact:...

External Affairs

selfie of Matt

Matthew (Matt) Harvey

Director of Legislative Affairs
External Affairs
Matt is a fourth year PhD student in Political Science. He studies Environmental Political Theory and Aesthetic Judgment - essentially how to undo the human/nature binary. Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI Pronouns : he/him/his Contact me if: you need an advocate for legislative initiatives at the state and national level that benefit graduate and professional students. I also interact with legislative efforts through National Association for Graduate and Professional Students. My...
Headshot of Gabby in front of leaves

Gabriella Subia Smith

Director of Content
External Affairs
Gabriella is a third year PhD student in Geography. She studies Colombian government mapping projects and their impacts on security, development and conservation. Hometown: Sacramento, CA Pronouns : she/her/hers Contact me if: you have questions about UGGS social media channels. I also help promote programs that are of interest to graduate students. My goals: Expand UGGS social media presence and include grad student successes, stories and social activities in UGGS...
Emily headshot in front of blue background

Emily Jensen

Director of Communications
External Affairs
Emily is a third year PhD student in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. She studies how we can use machine learning to understand students’ learning processes and develop interventions to help them stay on track. Hometown: Tempe, Arizona Pronouns : she/her/hers Contact me if: you want to share an initiative or event on social media or our newsletter. I also manage the email lists, this website, and the overall strategic...
picture of Brittney in a black top

Brittney Banaei

Social Chair
External Affairs
Brittney is a second year MFA Dance student. She studies the intersection of dance and geopolitics, sociopolitics, and history, as well as somatics, transnationalism/transnational fusion, and dance in the Iranian diaspora. Hometown: Springfield, MO Pronouns : she/her/hers Contact me if: you have ideas about organizing social events for graduate student community and their families. I also assist with advertising events and resources around campus. My goals: Engaging with and supporting...
professional photo of Jake

Jake Carias

CUSG Co-Senator
External Affairs
Jake Carias is a fifth year PhD student in Sociology. He studies the intersection of urban sociology and the social determinants of health. His research utilizes quantitative methods and urban ethnography to analyze neighborhood and community development patterns, urban segregation, and the relationships between the built environment, health, and collective efficacy. Hometown: Buffalo, NY Pronouns : he/him/his Contact me if: you have ideas of how we can represent graduate students...
headshot of Jose

José Ramón García-Madrid

CUSG Co-Senator
External Affairs
José is a second year J.D. student at the law school. He studies the intersection between public service work and business/entrepreneurial law. Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Pronouns : he/him/his Contact me if: you have ideas of how we can represent graduate students at CUSG Legislative Council. I also represent graduate student interests on other boards or commissions. My goals: Being a strong, effective advocate for graduate students across CUSG. I am...

UGGS Campus Representation

headshot of Sterling in a blue suit

Sterling Boin

Finance Board Member
UGGS Campus Representation
Sterling is an MBA student in the Leed’s School of Business. Sterling loves the outdoors and can be found skiing, cycling, or climbing when not in class. He is at CU to advance his financial and management skill set with a focus on process efficiency. Hometown : The Bronx, NY
Headshot of Dylan in a suit

Dylan Burton

Finance Board Member
UGGS Campus Representation
Dylan Burton is a first-year MBA student at the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder with a concentration in Finance. Outside of class, he is a frequent visitor to the Rec Center and attends many CU athletic events. Contact me if : you have any questions about the CUSG Finance Board. Hometown : Gaithersburg, MD Pronouns: he/him/his