Kim Diawara

Will my Credit Transfer to CU Boulder?

“Will my credit transfer to CU Boulder?” This is a question we hear several times a day and while it is one of the most important aspects of a prospective student’s transfer process, there is more to this question that you should know. What is the difference between Transferability versus... Read more »
Mitchell Fenton

Transfer Spring Visit Programs

While many students find a home at the first university they attend, this is certainly not the path that everyone takes to obtain their degree. College students may choose to transfer to another institution for a myriad of reasons; and whether those reasons are related to academics, finances or family... Read more »
Jack Kroll

Being a Veteran at CU Boulder

So you’ve done it: endured basic training, persevered through immense challenges, saw the world and served our country. Now you’re thinking—what’s next? You’ve got the GI Bill and you know you’ve always wanted to go back to school. We’re here to help. The University of Colorado Boulder enrolls more than... Read more »
Mitchell Fenton

Connecting With Your Transfer Counselor

Navigating the college application process can be tricky for students interested in transferring, which is why the Office of Admissions at CU Boulder is committed to making the transfer experience as smooth as possible. To help you navigate through the transfer process you’ll connect with a counselor on the Transfer... Read more »