Recyclable materials and cans

CU alum creates robots to sort recyclables

Aug. 25, 2021

Matanya Horowitz's company produces artificial intelligence-aided robots to automate identifying, sorting and processing the myriad items that are collected for recycling—at a rate the company says is twice as fast as humans and 99% accurate.

student biking on campus

6 things to know about biking in Boulder

Aug. 25, 2021

Biking is a great way to get around campus and Boulder, whether you’re looking to get some exercise or commute sustainably. Learn a little bike maintenance, the rules of the road and more to improve your ride.

A view of the Fourmile Canyon Fire burning west of Boulder in 2010.

CU Boulder receives $1.1 million in EPA grants to reduce public exposure to wildland fire smoke

Aug. 23, 2021

Researchers have been awarded $1.1 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for two projects to help school districts and communities reduce exposure to harmful pollution from wildland fire smoke.

A panorama of the Grand Canyon

Geologists dig into Grand Canyon’s mysterious gap in time

Aug. 23, 2021

Hundreds of millions of years' worth of rocks have gone missing from the Grand Canyon's geologic record. Geologists are trying to discover why.

A melting iceberg in Canada

New climate learning series to examine justice, emotion, action in education

Aug. 20, 2021

A new series of free webinars and an in-person gathering aim to reimagine climate change education for a more just and sustainable world. CU Boulder's Climate Change Learning Series for Educators is uniquely focused on the role of justice, emotion and action.

Artist's depiction of three new species of fossil condylarths: From left to right, Conacodon hettingeri, Miniconus jeanninae and Beornus honeyi. (Credit: Banana Art Studio)

Paleontologists discover 3 new species of primitive ungulates

Aug. 17, 2021

The new species, mouse- to cat-sized ancestors of today's hoofed animals like cattle and deer, offer scientists a new window into what the American West looked like just after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Stock image of Paris

Cities like Paris may be optimal urban form for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Aug. 13, 2021

Researchers at CU Boulder are part of a newly published study that finds that low-rise, high-density environments like those found in Paris are the optimal urban form when looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over their whole life cycle.

CU's indoor competition pool

CU’s indoor pool first in US to include phthalate-free liner

Aug. 13, 2021

Originally constructed with tile and grout in 1973, the addition of a phthalate-free liner to CU's indoor competition pool sets a "green" precedent for other competition pools around the country.

Two people riding Lime scooters

Fleet of e-scooters provides new way to get around east Boulder

Aug. 12, 2021

CU Boulder is partnering with the city of Boulder, Boulder County, the Boulder Chamber, Lime and B-Cycle to launch a new shared micro-mobility program that includes a new e-scooter pilot.

The aftermath of 2021 floods in Poudre Canyon.

How fire today will impact water tomorrow

July 29, 2021

In light of recent Colorado fires, floods and landslides, CU Boulder Today spoke with environmental experts Fernando Rosario-Ortiz and Ben Livneh about how fire may shape the future of water in the West.