Swimming pool on CU Boulder campus with a stuffed animal Ralphie.

Health and wellness summer services available

May 17, 2023

Health and Wellness Services will continue to offer services and programs throughout the summer. Check out what's available for continuing students, incoming students and recent graduates.

person reading a book by the lake

Fill your summer with the University Libraries’ most popular reading titles

May 11, 2023

Whether you are seeking to unwind, reflect or self-improve this summer, the University Libraries have a number of reading options to occupy those hot summer days.

Pills spill out of a bottle.

4 things everyone should know about xylazine

May 5, 2023

On May 2, the city of Boulder issued a press release to notify residents that xylazine is being distributed in Boulder County's illicit drug supply. Here are four things everyone should know about xylazine.

students celebrating graduation

6 tips for celebrating graduation and the end of the year

May 4, 2023

Whether you’re graduating or simply enjoying the end of a long school year, here are some tips you can use to plan your ideal celebration.

protein boxes

9 easy snack ideas for finals

May 2, 2023

Healthy snacks can help improve our memory, energy levels, concentration and mental health. Here are some easy snack ideas that will help keep you fueled, full and focused all week.

an empty nap pod in Norlin Library

Refresh and recharge with the University Libraries’ new nap pods

May 2, 2023

Need a study or work break? Refresh and recharge with one of the University Libraries’ nap pods, available at the Norlin Library and the Gemmill Engineering, Mathematics & Physics Library.

People converse during a fair on campus.

Tips for managing stress during your job or internship search

April 25, 2023

Looking for a job or internship can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety for many students. Here are some tips to help you feel better throughout the process.

student moving out

How to navigate your return home for the summer

April 21, 2023

Returning home after being away at college can create conflict if family members have different expectations. Set up a time to discuss the plan for summer with your family. Here are a few issues that often arise for college students returning home over the summer.

two people sitting at a table outside on campus

Treat yo’ self: Self-care tips for finals week

April 18, 2023

The end of the academic year can be challenging for many students. Get tips for navigating finals by replenishing your mind, body and soul.

Sun setting over the ocean

6 tips for coping with climate anxiety

April 18, 2023

Did you know more than two-thirds of Americans experience some form of climate anxiety? Check out these tips and strategies you can use to cope.