integrated photonic

CU Boulder researchers advance electronic technologies

March 12, 2024

CU Boulder researchers have introduced a new approach that leverages light and integrated photonics to generate microwave signals that could enable entirely new capabilities in communications, navigation and sensing.

dried up river in the West

Water in the West: Documenting the change

March 8, 2024

RJ Sangosti and Elliot Ross, former and current Ted Scripps Fellows at CU Boulder’s Center for Environmental Journalism, use photography to show immediate and long-term water concerns through the rapidly changing Western landscape.

A family in Bangladesh

Early childhood health interventions have ‘big, multi-generation impacts,’ research finds

March 8, 2024

Associate Professor Tania Barham’s research suggests that it doesn’t take much to help give impoverished people a better start to life.

view of planet Earth from space

Pollution to production: Student startup transforms CO2 into aerospace hardware

March 8, 2024

Spencer Dansereau, a doctoral student in aerospace at CU Boulder, is building a business that could turn air pollution into a useable product.

3D illustration of human immunodeficiency virus

CU Boulder researchers tackle HIV-related cognitive decline

March 8, 2024

Assistant professors Kayla Sprenger and Laurel Hind are on a collaborative mission to explore solutions for mitigating cognitive decline in individuals living with HIV. This decline can be caused by both the virus itself and antiretroviral drugs.

Manufacturing equipment emitting billow of smoke.

US companies have to start talking about climate change under new SEC rule

March 7, 2024

The Securities and Exchange Commission approved new climate risk disclosure rules, requiring some of the country’s biggest companies to report emissions data and other climate-related risks. Asaf Bernstein, a former adviser to the SEC, gives his take.

Bags of donated plasma

Plasma donations: A financial lifesaver and an ethical dilemma

March 6, 2024

New research shows low-income households bridge cash needs and avoid payday loans by selling plasma, but there has been little study on the health effects of high-frequency donations.

Polar bear chasing a seal

The Arctic could become ‘ice-free’ within a decade

March 5, 2024

While summer sea ice loss in the Arctic is inevitable, it can be reversed if the planet cools down, CU Boulder researchers say.

a lizard on a tree

8 in 10 lizards could be at risk due to deforestation

March 4, 2024

These reptiles move around tree trunks to seek warmth or shade. With trees disappearing, they would have trouble controlling their body temperature, a new study shows.

Sabrina Kainz holds up a map while standing on a rocky overlook

Geologists explore the hidden history of Colorado’s Spanish Peaks

March 4, 2024

A team from CU Boulder collected dozens of samples from across southeastern Colorado, and their results could help to answer an enduring mystery: What made Colorado's High Plains so high?