Check out free wellness workshops for staff and faculty

Aug. 3, 2023

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program is offering free wellness workshops—covering everything from happier living to managing transitions and managing money—into the fall semester. Check out the offerings.

Narcan spray

Programs prepare students, staff and faculty to respond to opioid crisis

Aug. 1, 2023

CU Boulder is committed to preparing students, staff and faculty to respond to the ongoing opioid crisis. Learn more about program impacts and plans for the upcoming academic year.

Person lying in the grass

3 ways to tell if your self-care plan is actually working

July 21, 2023

It can be hard to know what self-care is supposed to look like. Here are some ways to tell if your self-care plan is actually working for you (and what to do if it’s not).

Wild flowers in front of the Flatirons

Outdoors for all: ADA-friendly activities in Boulder County

July 19, 2023

To honor and celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act, here is a list of accessible outdoor activities around Boulder for all to enjoy this summer.

Couple sitting on a blanket with purple lilac flowers.

6 things everyone should know about ‘love bombing’

July 7, 2023

New relationships are often exciting. However, a relationship that starts off feeling great can also shift in ways that are not so great once the excitement and novelty wear off.

Two people hold up a trans pride flag at the top of a mountain

5 ways to cope with anti-LGBTQ+ legislation

June 21, 2023

The U.S. has seen a significant increase in legislation targeting LGBTQ+ rights and communities. Here are some strategies you can use to cope and support a friend, family member or colleague.

Colorado golfer on the course

Bolder Buffs creates space for student-athletes to share challenges

June 20, 2023

Whether it’s social media; the transfer portal; coach turnover; or name, image and likeness, NCAA student-athletes confront increasing pressure and uncertainty on and off the playing field. It’s anything but a “free ride.”

Group of people participating in a yoga class

Celebrate Employee Wellness Month

June 16, 2023

Each June is National Employee Wellness Month. CU Boulder faculty and staff have access to programs and resources to support multi-dimensional wellness. Check out free Rec Center access, Academic Live Care, yoga, acupuncture and more.

person riding a bike on a trail

Play outside! Outdoor fitness options for a Boulder-based summer

June 14, 2023

Boulder offers a plethora of outdoor activities to improve your physical and mental fitness. Whether you prefer solo or group activities, here’s a list of some of the many fitness-based activities you can do outside this summer.

Yoga class at the Rec

Free summer yoga classes available

June 5, 2023

Faculty and staff are invited to join free yoga classes this summer at the Rec Center, no membership required. Please register in advance.