New sensory-friendly backpacks for CU Museum visitors

Backpack program improves museum experience for neurodiverse visitors

March 22, 2024

Developed by a graduate student, a new resource at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History expands accessibility to support neurodiverse visitors.

The United States Supreme Court building at dusk.

The potential impact of the mifepristone Supreme Court case

March 22, 2024

The Supreme Court will hear arguments over access and regulations on mifepristone—a drug used in medical abortions. Colorado Law professor Jennifer Hendricks studies constitutional family law and gives her take on the upcoming case.

Boy holds head in hands while looking at laptop screen

Researchers warn of danger, call for pause in bringing AI to schools

March 21, 2024

K-12 schools across the country are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence tools into the classroom. CU Boulder’s Alex Molnar gives his take on why these tools could pose risks for students, and what concerned parents and others can do about it.

A cameraman films the Ohio State Buckeyes before a 2018 game

40 years ago the Supreme Court broke the NCAA’s lock on TV revenue, reshaping college sports

March 21, 2024

Ahead of the 1984 regional basketball semifinals, the Supreme Court heard opening arguments in a case that changed how Americans watch college sports to this day. Read from CU expert Jared Bahir Browsh on The Conversation.

a technician installs solar panels on the roof of the building which houses the University of Colorado Center for Innovation and Creativity in Boulder.

Researchers take major step toward developing next-generation solar cells

March 20, 2024

A CU Boulder engineer and his international colleagues have discovered a new way to manufacture solar cells using perovskite semiconductors. It could lead to lower-cost, more efficient systems for powering homes, cars, boats and drones.

Nick Romeo

CU Boulder alum challenging sacred economic beliefs

March 19, 2024

CU Boulder graduate Nick Romeo’s “The Alternative” uses real-world examples to push back on “unempirical dogmas” of modern economics.

Thomas Raggi of the band Måneskin performs a concert that streamed live on TikTok in 2021

As the US government and record labels go after TikTok, musicians get the squeeze

March 18, 2024

TikTok has become a beacon in an otherwise dismal digital streaming landscape, and while musicians increasingly need TikTok, TikTok also needs music. Read more from CU expert Ediz Ozelkan on The Conversation.

Mia Torres in front of a mural that says: We'll get through this

Undergraduate’s menstrual justice project grows into policy change

March 18, 2024

From an early age, Mia Torres felt the urge to do something about the injustices she learned about. Her menstrual justice project in high school grew into policy change. Now she’s majoring in the School of Education’s unique leadership and community engagement major.

Woman in red track suit puts her feet up while working on a desktop computer

As Voyager 1’s mission draws to a close, one planetary scientist reflects on its legacy

March 18, 2024

Planetary scientist Fran Bagenal first encountered NASA’s Voyager spacecraft during a student job in the late 1970s. Get her take on following these spacecraft for nearly 50 years, as they traveled to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune—and beyond the bounds of Earth’s solar system.

Women in long dresses holding a chain of abandoned belongings near the border

What Remains founders braid migration dreams, art, stories

March 18, 2024

Growing up on the border shaped the worldviews and life trajectories of four “mujeres fronterizas,” or border women, who came together to create the What Remains project. Alumna Adriana Alvarez shares how the project reframes the migrant experience as a global and timeless human experience.