New consortium aims to accelerate the introduction of the next generation of solar panels

April 26, 2023

The TEAMUP consortium, which brings together researchers from academic, industrial and federal laboratories, seeks to identify and solve the factors that cause advanced perovskite materials to be unstable, paving the way for the integration into existing and future solar cells, boosting the efficiency of harvesting renewable solar energy.

student restoring an artifact

Adventures in preservation: Student worker restores historic ice flow charts

April 26, 2023

A student worker restored historic ice flow charts in the University Libraries collection, saving irreplaceable data that is part of the climate record while making progress toward her own goal of a career in art conservation and restoration.

Enacting Climate Solutions Through Human Rights Climate Commitments panel

Panel explores human rights impacts of climate change, ways to collectively move forward

April 21, 2023

A Conference on World Affairs panel April 14 on a rights-based approach to addressing climate change vacillated between optimism at momentum around potential solutions and the grim truth that emissions keep rising and the Earth—and all of humanity—face dire consequences.

The Brooks Range in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

As rising temperatures affect Alaskan rivers, effects ripple through Indigenous communities

April 11, 2023

Six decades of river data in Alaska highlight the cumulative and consequential impacts of climate change for local communities and ecosystems in the Arctic.

Man stands on an arctic glacier

$68 million NASA contract awarded to National Snow and Ice Data Center

March 30, 2023

Under a contract valued at $68 million, the NSIDC will provide data management services focused on preserving, documenting and providing access to cryospheric data and related geophysical data. This is the seventh time the NSIDC has been selected for the work.

Group of people pose for a photo in the City of Boulder Reservoir, 1875

Beleaguered forests are losing ground

March 28, 2023

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Tom Veblen's 40-year census research finds that climate change has tripled tree mortality and forestalled regeneration.

Climate protest

Latest international climate report calls for adaptation, rapid action

March 22, 2023

A report released this week by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns the world of dire consequences if rapid action to reduce emissions and adaptation are not prioritized. A CU expert shares his take on economic and political impacts of this latest report.

near Mount Everest

When someone sneezes on Everest, their germs can last for centuries

March 14, 2023

Thanks to technological advances in microbial DNA analysis, CU researchers have discovered that mountaineers’ boots aren’t the only things leaving footprints on the world’s tallest mountain.

Humpback whale in the ocean

Historic high seas treaty brings new hope to global marine conservation

March 10, 2023

CU Boulder experts explain why the high seas matter to all of us, and how a recent United Nations agreement aims to protect marine biodiversity in international waters.

Bushbaby in a tree at night

‘Bruiser’ the bushbaby was killed by a dog in South Africa. He isn’t alone

Feb. 9, 2023

A surprising number of primates may be dying on roads and around power lines or from dog attacks in Sub-Saharan Africa. A few simple solutions, such as not leaving food out at night, may help.