Bar magnet

Lasers make magnets behave like fluids

April 18, 2019

Researchers have discovered how magnets recover after being blasted by a laser. It turns out, they act a bit like oil and water in a jar.

Columbine Memorial

20 years later: Experts share school safety lessons post-Columbine

April 9, 2019

Twenty years after two teenage gunmen fatally shot 12 students and one teacher at Columbine High School, researchers suggest such incidents are preventable. They'll share more at a day-long conference on April 16.

Person on bicycle riding through rows of international flags for Conference on World Affairs

The conference on ‘everything conceivable’

April 5, 2019

Each spring, some of the world’s foremost thinkers, artists and decision-makers converge in Boulder to exchange ideas and discuss topics such as design, leadership, politics, science and more.

Colorado River

CU Boulder launches initiative to support coverage of the Colorado River Basin

April 3, 2019

A journalism initiative to expand coverage of Western water issues is launching this month with support from a two-year, $700,000 grant from the Walton Family Foundation.


Do ‘depression genes’ exist? It’s not so simple, new study concludes

April 2, 2019

Researchers are calling on the field to “abandon” the search for a specific “candidate genes” that substantially boost risk of depression. In reality, there are likely thousands, each with a minuscule effect.

Optical tweezers

Optical tweezers achieve new feats of capturing atoms

April 2, 2019

Researchers show that they can trap and load lone atoms into large grids with an efficiency unmatched by current methods.

Photo of downtown Denver.

Colorado business leaders more optimistic headed into second quarter

April 2, 2019

Colorado business leaders’ confidence is warming heading into the second quarter of 2019, according to the latest Leeds Business Confidence Index from CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business.

Hyla rufitela

The unseen microbial world of amphibian skin

March 27, 2019

A far-reaching global study led by EBIO scientists has found that climate is a critical determinant of microbial diversity on amphibian skin.

Stock photo of a woman talking to a man at work.

Attractive businesswomen viewed as less truthful, more fireable ‘femme fatales,’ new research shows

March 25, 2019

Attractive businesswomen are considered less trustworthy, less truthful and more worthy of being fired than less attractive women, according to new research.

Apple and donut.

SpongeBob is not why your child likes junk food, new study shows

March 25, 2019

Researchers have found cartoon characters did not make a difference in children's choices between junk food and healthy food.