Large boulders in a river

Large boulders help shape huge canyons, researchers find

June 10, 2019

CU Boulder geology graduate student research argues that boulders play a major role in the geologic evolution of river canyons across vast spans of time.

A family in Rwanda using a wood-burning cookstove as part of a large-scale delivery program

Engineers deliver water filters, cookstoves to improve health in Rwanda

June 3, 2019

A large-scale program to deliver water filters and portable biomass-burning cookstoves to Rwandan homes improved health among children, new research finds.

student raises hand in classroom

7 innovative schools that beat the odds

May 31, 2019

CU Boulder is helping to recognize schools that get creative to meet the needs of their students—from teaching young learners Native American languages to giving them a chance to get up close with birds in the wild.

Researcher works with cyanobacteria, a green substance, in beaker

Futuristic ‘living’ buildings use bacteria, not bricks

What if buildings could “come alive” by being constructed with hybrid materials that could heal themselves rather than decay and reduce atmospheric carbon rather than contribute to it?

Microscopic view of light bending around a big atom

Scientists offer designer ‘big atoms’ on demand

May 29, 2019

Physicists report they can build and control particles that behave like tiny atoms with a precision never seen before.

Dirty hands

Healthy, stress-busting fat found hidden in dirt

May 28, 2019

Thirty years after scientists suggested increased exposure to microorganisms could benefit health, CU Boulder researchers have identified an anti-inflammatory fat in a soil-dwelling bacterium that may be partly responsible.

Gregory Formosa inspects Endoculus

A robot may one day perform your colonoscopy

May 28, 2019

CU Boulder researchers are taking a page from “The Magic School Bus” and journeying inside the human body using a new, versatile robot to navigate the squishy and often-unpredictable terrain of the intestine.

person in bed turns off an alarm clock

Why lack of sleep is bad for your heart

May 20, 2019

People who sleep fewer than seven hours per night have lower levels of gene-regulating molecules that are key for dampening down inflammation and keeping blood vessels healthy, a new study shows.

Chancellor speaks at Carbondale during summer tour

Chancellor’s tour emphasizes CU’s Western Slope impacts, upcoming football season

May 20, 2019

The chancellor’s summer tour has visited four cities along the Western Slope to explain how CU Boulder is a part of their communities—and we’re a part of theirs, too.

Wil Srubar

It’s alive! ‘Frankenstein’ materials could revolutionize building construction

May 16, 2019

CU Boulder engineers are creating living hybrid building materials that exhibit both structural and biological function.