Mars Images Taken By Hubble Show Dust Storm Underway

June 30, 1997

Hubble Space Telescope images taken June 27 by a team of scientists that includes two Colorado researchers indicate a large dust storm on the Martian surface may be moving toward the July 4 landing site of NASA’s unmanned Pathfinder spacecraft.

CU-Boulder Accounting Professor Finds Success With 'Accounting For Dummies'

June 25, 1997

If there are 10,000 accounting professors in the United States, what is the likelihood that the one chosen to write “Accounting for Dummies” would be from the University of Colorado at Boulder? If the professor has logged more than 35 years of teaching and written eight books on finance and accounting, the likelihood is 100 percent.

Earthquake Could Cause Flooding Of Yucca Mountain Repository, Study Says

June 23, 1997

An earthquake in the vicinity of the proposed high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain could cause groundwater to surge up into the storage area, according to a new study by two University of Colorado at Boulder geophysicists. The safety of the proposed Nevada site has been debated for more than 10 years, primarily due to concerns about earthquakes and groundwater. Now it appears that one of those concerns could lead to a problem with the other.

CU Student Satellite To Undergo Testing At Ball Aerospace

June 22, 1997

A CU-Boulder student satellite slated for launch in September will be moved from campus June 24 to the Boulder labs of Ball Aerospace for testing. The satellite, known as the Student Nitric Oxide Observer, or SNOE, is a scientific, earth-orbiting mission. The spacecraft will carry instruments to measure nitric oxide in the upper atmosphere, the intensity of x-rays from the sun and ultraviolet light from the aurora. It was designed and built by students, faculty and engineers at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics.

CU-Boulder, St. Vrain School District Teaming Up For Earth Science Workshop

June 19, 1997

A week-long earth-system sciences workshop for middle school teachers, coordinated by the University of Colorado at Boulder and the St. Vrain School District, will begin June 23 at Longmont’s Skyline High School.

CU Student Receives Scholarship From Astronaut Foundation

June 17, 1997

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation has selected University of Colorado at Boulder senior Timothy J. Rood to receive a $7,500 scholarship, one of only 15 given to college science and engineering students nationally for the 1997-98 academic year. Rood, an aerospace engineering major, is doing data analysis for the Solar-Stellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment (SOLSTICE) orbiting Earth on an unmanned NASA research satellite. He was recognized for his outstanding achievement in academic performance and community service.

CU-Boulder Business Students Embark On London Seminar

June 17, 1997

For Laurie Utter, the summer of 1997 will be remembered as the summer she spent studying deregulation of the telecommunications industry in the European Union while getting her travel fix. An MBA student at the College of Business and Administration at CU-Boulder, Utter is participating in the London Seminar in International Finance and Business. The month-long seminar, under the direction of long-time CU business Professor Michael Palmer, focuses on international finance and strategies for European businesses.

CU Holds 10th Annual Pre-Collegiate Olympiad

June 17, 1997

The University of Colorado at Boulder will host the 10th Annual Pre-Collegiate Olympiad on Saturday, July 12. The Pre-Collegiate Development Program is sponsoring the event celebrating its 13th anniversary on the Boulder Campus and 10th anniversary as a systemwide effort. The Olympiad will pull together about 300 high school students and staff from around the Denver metro area to participate in both academic and athletic competitions among participants from three CU campuses.

Carl Wieman Awarded Honorary Degree From The University Of Chicago

June 16, 1997

Physics Professor Carl Wieman of the University of Colorado at Boulder was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Chicago during its June 14 graduation ceremony. In granting him an honorary Doctor of Science degree, the university citation said Wieman is "considered to be one of the premier physicists of his generation." In addition to teaching at CU-Boulder, Wieman also is a fellow of JILA, a joint institute of CU-Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

New Directors To Head Alumni Association

June 16, 1997

Ten new directors have been elected to head the University of Colorado at Boulder Alumni Association. Boulderite Steve Taniguchi, class of 1976, was elected by the board to serve a two-year term as chair. Al Gebauer of Boulder, who earned degrees in 1968 and 1983, will serve a one-year term as treasurer. The 49-member board, representing more than 170,000 CU-Boulder alumni, oversees association activities in Colorado and nationally and internationally.