People on rice terraces

The number of farms in the world is declining, here’s why it matters to you

May 11, 2023

New University of Colorado Boulder research shows the number of farms globally will shrink in half as the size of the average existing farms doubles by the end of the 21st century, posing significant risks to the world’s food systems.

Teacher working with small child

Public and community-engaged scholarship springs into action

May 10, 2023

Community Impact Grants and Micro Grants that were awarded this spring will positively impact science, music, literacy, ethics, and math education in Colorado K-12 schools and nonprofit organizations. Also funded were a community college research partnership, as well as arts and humanities programming.

illustration of a computerized brain

Researchers at CU Boulder advancing more trustworthy autonomous systems with US Air Force

May 10, 2023

CU Boulder's Allie Anderson and Torin Clark are conducting research into how humans and artificial intelligence systems work together. The pair are part of a multi-university research team commissioned by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Rare, pedagogical music book by Giovanni Battista Martini

Rare music score identified in University Libraries collection

May 10, 2023

A first edition of a rare, pedagogical music book by Giovanni Battista Martini was identified by music professor Robert Shay and now resides in Rare and Distinctive Collections.

Solar flare erupt from the sun

How 1,000 undergraduates helped solve an enduring mystery about the sun

May 9, 2023

For three years at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, CU Boulder students enrolled in "Experimental Physics I" spent an estimated 56,000 hours analyzing the behavior of hundreds of solar flares. Their results could help astrophysicists understand how the sun's corona reaches temperatures of millions of degrees Fahrenheit.

Brad Wham and his team in Turkey

Brad Wham shares key findings from post-earthquake reconnaissance in Turkey

May 9, 2023

Brad Wham, an assistant research professor, was a member of one of the three Learning From Earthquakes reconnaissance teams that traveled to Turkey in March. The team specifically looked at lifeline systems including energy, transportation, water and wastewater.

Person wears a shirt made out of kombucha leather with glowing LED lights

Kombucha chic: How one student uses microbes, and time, to grow her own clothes

May 4, 2023

Biodesign researcher Fiona Bell says that anyone, anywhere can grow their own clothing right from their kitchens. You start by brewing a batch of kombucha.

dark storm cloud

Cloud seeding can increase rain and snow, and new techniques may make it more effective

May 4, 2023

Cloud seeding—spraying materials into clouds to increase precipitation—has been around for nearly 80 years. But only recently have scientists been able to measure how effective it really is. CU’s Katja Friedrich lends expertise on The Conversation Weekly podcast.

Person holding a phone with Twitter logo in front of a Silicon Valley Bank sign

Twitter played a role in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank—new research

May 4, 2023

Social media provides both a forum for communication and a public signal about what a bank’s customers believe. That means Twitter can facilitate coordination in real-time. CU expert Tony Cookson shares in The Conversation's Research Brief series.

Cigarette burning

Does the sweet seduction of flavored tobacco make quitting harder?

May 4, 2023

A study led by a CU Boulder researcher finds that flavored tobacco products reduce the likelihood of cessation later, but researchers say more investigation is needed.