A Colorado forest

What does carbon offset actually mean for US forests?

Sept. 13, 2023

A CU Boulder study shows that 96% of all carbon offset credits from U.S. forestry projects were issued for improved forest management practices, not tree planting or forest protection.

People walk in front of a building on the CU Boulder campus

Pioneering physics center gets $25M

Sept. 12, 2023

For nearly two decades, physicists at JILA have pioneered record-fast lasers that can fit on a table and have chilled clouds of atoms to just a fraction of a degree above absolute zero. With a new award, their work is just getting started.

A police officer gives a volunteer a roadside sobriety test

A reliable cannabis breathalyzer? Possible, but not easy

Sept. 11, 2023

CU Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are teaming up to help adapt a 90-year-old system for detecting alcohol for a new age of cannabis legalization. A new study suggests it won’t be easy.

SpaceX craft launches into outer space

CU Boulder earns NASA award for reducing spaceflight costs

Sept. 11, 2023

CU’s Heinz Research Group has earned a prestigious NASA award for their research centered on designing lightweight, high-strength materials that could save millions of dollars for spaceflights.

2013 flood in Boulder

At the X-roads: Twitter’s ‘devolution’ may affect response to next major storm

Sept. 11, 2023

The 2013 flood struck Boulder at a time when social media was beginning a major shift away from the altruism seen in previous disasters. What might crisis response look like next time?

CU marching band spells out CU on the football field

CU Boulder and CSU: Rivals on the field, partners in innovation

Sept. 11, 2023

From natural resources, like air and water, to sustainability, CU Boulder and CSU do incredible work to solve challenges related to these necessities. While the Buffs and Rams gear up for the best in-state football rivalry going, the Rocky Mountain Showdown on Sept. 16, we’re taking a moment to reflect on research chops, too.

3D printing tip places layers of brown paste

3D printing with coffee: Turning used grounds into caffeinated creations

Sept. 8, 2023

Coffee could be the key to reducing 3D printing waste, according to a new study. Researchers with the ATLAS Institute and Department of Computer Science developed a method for 3D printing using a paste made out of old coffee grounds.

A garden with a video play button overlay

It’s official: Gardening is good for your health

Sept. 8, 2023

The first-ever, randomized, controlled trial of community gardening found that those who started it ate more fiber and got more physical activity—known ways to reduce risk of cancer and chronic disease—and were also less stressed and anxious. Watch the video.

An Antarctic ice shelf

Heatwaves hitting Antarctica too now

Sept. 7, 2023

The world’s coldest, driest continent saw temperatures as much as 79 F higher than usual and three times as much snow as usual in March 2022, according to new CU Boulder research highlighted in an international report this week.

Two people holding hands

News flash: Opposites don't actually attract

Aug. 31, 2023

A new, sweeping CU Boulder analysis suggests birds of a feather are indeed more likely to flock together, confirming what individual studies have hinted at for decades.