interconnected globe

In an interconnected world, managing and perceiving risk is key, experts say

Feb. 27, 2024

CU Boulder researcher Steve Miller argues for deeper insight into how people understand risk before shocks, especially those related to climate change, happen in global systems.

cannabis plants

CBD shown to ease anxiety without the risks that can come with THC

Feb. 27, 2024

The first randomized trial to examine how commercially available cannabis impacts anxiety symptoms has shown that products heavy in the nonintoxicating compound CBD work surprisingly well—and without getting you high.

Factory stacks

Louisiana governor enables corporate property tax breaks, taking money away from schools

Feb. 26, 2024

Louisiana’s governor has signed an executive order making it easier for companies to receive lucrative property tax breaks, and cash-strapped schools will likely pay the price. Read from CU expert Kevin Welner and colleagues on The Conversation.

illustration of artificial intelligence

How AI could bring a scientific renaissance

Feb. 23, 2024

The Science of Science and Computational Discovery lab seeks to unravel the complexities and imperfections of scientific discovery through the power of artificial intelligence.

A split image shows half a tree and ground as green and lush, and the other half as brown and brittle.

Climate contrarianism is down but not out, expert says

Feb. 22, 2024

In 2011, Professor Max Boykoff attended a Heartland Institute conference to better understand how the conservative think tank was influencing the climate debate. Ten years later, Boykoff returned to interview attendees and examine comparisons with that earlier conference.

People brainstorming business ideas.

How the ‘blockbuster effect’ boosts some crowdfunding campaigns

Feb. 22, 2024

A recent study from the Leeds School of Business has found that widely popular Kickstarter campaigns have a positive spillover effect on other projects.

LGBTQ+ couple lying on a couch and reading

What’s behind the astonishing rise in LGBTQ+ romance literature?

Feb. 22, 2024

It’s tempting to see this trend as a sign of the times, but the biggest book publishers started changing their approach only once they realized they were leaving money on the table. Read from CU experts Christine Larson and Ashley Carter.

Death of a Salesman book cover and scenes from the movie and staged plays

After 75 years, ‘Death of a Salesman’ still packs a gut punch

Feb. 22, 2024

CU Boulder theater professor Bud Coleman reflects on Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer-winning play and why it’s a story that still has meaning.

digital eye

Virtual homesteaders built an internet of ‘little autocracies.’ Is digital democracy doomed?

Feb. 22, 2024

A new book from Assistant Professor Nathan Schneider argues that attempts to impose democracy on the internet have failed for cultural and technical reasons. But what if we used it as a tool to solve these problems?

Students filming something on campus

New center designed to inspire curiosity, community and action in environmental science

Feb. 21, 2024

The new CIRES Center for Education, Engagement, and Evaluation is dedicated to three broad goals: excellence and inclusion in environmental science education; career development and training for scientists; and engaging with diverse audiences.