laser in a lab

CU Boulder to celebrate World Quantum Day April 14

April 11, 2024

Take part in World Quantum Day by learning more about CU Boulder’s prowess in quantum research and innovation, comprising science and technology advances, real-world impacts and more.

A cicada on a tree

The cicadas are coming! A CU entomologist’s take on a once-in-200-years event

April 11, 2024

This summer in 15 states across the Southeast and Midwest, two cicada broods will emerge simultaneously for the first time since 1803. CU Boulder’s Sammy Ramsey offers insight on these singing, red-eyed bugs and how they benefit the planet.

lightbulb and AI illustration

CU Boulder team participates in federal pilot advancing AI research

April 11, 2024

CU Boulder’s Research Computing team is spearheading a working group in an initiative that aims to link U.S. researchers and educators with computational, data and training resources essential for progressing AI research and AI-infused research endeavors.

Ants in Gregory Canyon

Ants in Colorado are on the move due to climate change

April 10, 2024

Ant species living in Boulder’s foothills have shifted their habitat over the last six decades, potentially affecting local ecosystems, suggests a new CU Boulder study.

River in Colorado

CU Boulder leading effort to improve water quality in Rockies’ rivers

April 10, 2024

CU Boulder and Colorado State University researchers are teaming up to improve river water quality using machine learning.

a sign that says keep your distance

‘An epidemic of loneliness’: How the pandemic changed life for aging adults

April 9, 2024

Four years after the U.S. began to slowly emerge from mandatory COVID-19 lockdowns, a study of 7,000 aging adults suggests that for many, life has never been the same.

Katja Friedrich

Can cloud seeding stem the water crisis?

April 5, 2024

CU Boulder's Katja Friedrich is known for her work in cloud seeding, a process used to generate precipitation from existing clouds.

Florence Tan of NASA, Xu Wang of LASP, Kenneth Liang of Colorado School of Mines, and Carolyn Mercer of NASA

Front Range team wins NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge with innovative idea for lunar service station

April 5, 2024

A team of researchers from LASP and the Colorado School of Mines has developed an innovative, award-winning idea for a lunar service station, where lunar rovers and mining machines could charge their batteries and clean the dust off their surfaces.

Sheep grazing in a farm

‘Diverse’ agriculture benefits people and the environment at the same time

April 4, 2024

A new analysis from 2,655 farms on five continents suggests that moving away from industrial, monoculture farming could benefit both the planet and people.

Taxies drive down a crowded city street

A real-life Eye of Sauron? New project to spot possible chemical threats in the air

April 2, 2024

Engineers at CU Boulder are developing an “all-seeing eye” based on laser technology that could one day detect harmful particles in the air around cities or in factories.