A wheat field

Interactive map shows where your food comes from

Nov. 21, 2023

With the holiday season upon us and the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP28, kicking off this month, researchers launched Food Twin to show where crops come from—and how climate change could impact this fragile network.

The majestic Flatirons above Boulder framed in fall colors.

CU Boulder logs another record-breaking year in research funding

Nov. 2, 2023

CU Boulder researchers attracted a record $684.2 million in fiscal year 2022–23 for studies that, among other things, elevate quantum science in Colorado, solve mysteries about the sun and provide even better data on sea ice, ice sheets, glaciers and more.

Students in classroom

Can air purifiers help keep kids in school? New study seeks to find out

Sept. 27, 2023

CU Boulder researchers, funded with $2.2 million from the Centers for Disease Control, are studying whether installing simple air purifiers in Colorado classrooms can keep students from missing school.

Alexis Templeton kneels on a rock in the middle of a spring

Can rocks produce abundant clean energy? New project to explore

Sept. 18, 2023

Geologists at CU Boulder will experiment with injecting water deep below Earth's surface in an effort to stimulate the production of hydrogen gas—a clean-burning fuel that could provide energy for the globe.

A Colorado forest

What does carbon offset actually mean for US forests?

Sept. 13, 2023

A CU Boulder study shows that 96% of all carbon offset credits from U.S. forestry projects were issued for improved forest management practices, not tree planting or forest protection.

CU marching band spells out CU on the football field

CU Boulder and CSU: Rivals on the field, partners in innovation

Sept. 11, 2023

From natural resources, like air and water, to sustainability, CU Boulder and CSU do incredible work to solve challenges related to these necessities. While the Buffs and Rams gear up for the best in-state football rivalry going, the Rocky Mountain Showdown on Sept. 16, we’re taking a moment to reflect on research chops, too.

3D printing tip places layers of brown paste

3D printing with coffee: Turning used grounds into caffeinated creations

Sept. 8, 2023

Coffee could be the key to reducing 3D printing waste, according to a new study. Researchers with the ATLAS Institute and Department of Computer Science developed a method for 3D printing using a paste made out of old coffee grounds.

An Antarctic ice shelf

Heatwaves hitting Antarctica too now

Sept. 7, 2023

The world’s coldest, driest continent saw temperatures as much as 79 F higher than usual and three times as much snow as usual in March 2022, according to new CU Boulder research highlighted in an international report this week.

Highway road sign reads: "Extreme heat. Save power 4-9 p.m. Stay cool."

Heat waves are more dangerous than you think. Here’s why, and how to stay safe

July 20, 2023

Large portions of the U.S., including parts of Colorado, are reeling this month from extreme temperatures. CU expert Colleen Reid, who studies the health impacts from natural disasters, says these events seem to disproportionately hurt communities where people have less access to air conditioning and green space.

Woman works at large piece of scientific equipment

Weeks later, potentially harmful chemicals lingered in homes affected by Marshall Fire

July 6, 2023

In the wake of the devastating Marshall Fire, a team of chemists and engineers from CU Boulder undertook a first-of-its-kind study to explore homes that survived the blaze. Their results reveal the potential health hazards that wildfires can leave behind in buildings.