Star of David atop a gravestone

Why we commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jan. 26, 2024

Thomas Pegelow Kapalan—professor of Holocaust studies focusing on modern German-Jewish history, histories of violence and language—shares his take on the significance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, its historical context and its impact on shaping collective memory.

Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington, D.C.

Understanding the full legacy of MLK

Jan. 9, 2024

As we prepare to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Professor Ashleigh Lawrence Sanders shares insight on King’s fuller legacy, his trajectory as an activist and why people tend to boil him down to a few simplistic words and phrases.

A photo showing several actors in the movie 'Killers of the Flower Moon'. The actors are portraying Indigenous women of the Osage Nation in the 1920s.

‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ and Indigenous representation in film

Nov. 22, 2023

As “Killers of the Flower Moon” shows in theaters, Professor Angelica Lawson explains how Indigenous people and stories are typically represented in film, as well as how this new movie lives up to and falls short of expectations.

Golden Buffalo Marching Band members

Embracing the Prime Era: How the band is thriving beyond the field

Oct. 31, 2023

Since the hiring of Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders, game days have taken on a new meaning for the Boulder community....and the band is feeling the love.

a herd of bison in a field with a video play button overlay

Ralphie explained: How this bison became a buffalo

Sept. 12, 2023

Ralphie the Buffalo is technically a North American bison. Brooke Neely, a research associate with the Center of the American West, sheds light on how CU’s iconic bison mascot became known as a buffalo.

American flag in front of an old brick home

What is Labor Day and why do we celebrate it?

Aug. 31, 2023

Labor Day is a widely-celebrated American holiday, but beyond the opportunity for indulging in barbecues and poolside gatherings, the day holds significant historical weight. Professor Ahmed White offers his take.

Person playing violin

Musicians’ Wellness Program promotes peak performance, mental health

May 24, 2023

As we round out Mental Health Awareness Month, faculty from the Musicians’ Wellness Program in the College of Music discuss the importance of developing a strong physical and mental health foundation for music students to excel in their professional careers and beyond.

Holocaust memorial site marked with a Jewish star

Holocaust Remembrance Day: How trauma persists

Jan. 26, 2023

Seventy-eight years ago on Jan. 27, the Auschwitz concentration camp closed after liberation by the Soviet army. Professor Janet Jacobs, who researches genocide, trauma and collective memory, discusses the ways in which the experiences and trauma of Holocaust survivors are passed down through generations.

A star of David.

What is behind the uptick in antisemitic hate speech?

Nov. 16, 2022

Ye, the rapper and fashion designer formerly known as Kanye West, made headlines and topped social media feeds in recent weeks for his series of antisemitic comments. Thomas Pegelow Kaplan spoke with CU Boulder Today about what antisemitism means and how it’s perpetuated today.

Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol

Steve Bannon’s influence on conservative politics: Expert on alt-right explains

Oct. 19, 2022

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is expected to sentence former Trump aide Steve Bannon on Oct. 21. Professor Ben Teitelbaum offers insight on Bannon’s role in shaping conservative politics and how his actions have served to further his agenda.