Senior museum educator Jim Hakala, left, and anthropology curator Steve Lekson prepare a fossil kit to be delivered to a Colorado classroom. 

Fossil kits bring CU-Boulder museum to classrooms across Colorado

April 21, 2016

Jim Hakala is hitting the road Friday with bins of captivating remnants of the ancient past. Among other things, he’s got fossilized fern, leaves, shark teeth, dinosaur bone, fish, petrified wood and a trilobite. This time, he’s targeting fourth grade classrooms in mostly northeastern Colorado with 12 of his “fossil kits,” courtesy of the CU Museum of Natural History, along with a standards-based curriculum for use by teachers.

Facebook post with marketing ad of a woman engineer, and comments.

Feminine women deemed less likely to be scientists, CU Boulder study finds

April 7, 2016

Female scientists who have “feminine” traits such as longer hair and finer facial features are generally assumed to be non-scientists, a University of Colorado Boulder study has found.

Arms of elderly person in handcuffs

Rapid growth in elderly inmate population raises complex policy questions

Dec. 15, 2015

While it may not be a surprise that the number of elderly inmates is growing in the United States, the pace of that growth and the complexity of the inmates’ health problems is posing new challenges to researchers, policymakers and correctional employees.

Woman talking to her young daughter

Reminders, not time, help curb impulsive behavior – in 3-year-olds, at least

Nov. 18, 2015

A child is staring longingly at a bowl of chocolate ice cream directly in front of her. She's told to wait for 10 seconds and she won’t want it anymore. The urge for sweets will dissipate. Does it work?

Students celebrate at the 2015 Convocation

CU Boulder enrollment sets records for diversity and retention

Sept. 17, 2015

The University of Colorado Boulder welcomed its most academically qualified and diverse incoming freshman class in the campus’s history this fall, setting records for the second consecutive year.

Sports Medicine and Performance Center

Sports Medicine and Performance Center to benefit world-class athletes, weekend warriors alike

Aug. 18, 2015

The University of Colorado and Boulder Community Health announce today’s opening of the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center on the Boulder campus.