Researchers working in lab

Research & Innovation Seed Grant program accepting proposals

Nov. 1, 2017

The Research & Innovation Seed Grant Program, which stimulates new, compelling areas of research and creative work, is hosting a Dec. 6 workshop and accepting proposals through Jan. 8.Read more »
Getches-Wilkinson Center Executive Director Alice Madden

CU on the Weekend: Keeping politics from derailing critical climate action

Oct. 31, 2017

On Nov. 4, drawing on experience in government and academia, Alice Madden will address why climate change has become so politicized, how we got here and how to move forward.Read more »
Illustration of "the coldest centuries in 8,000 years"

Symposium to examine causes, consequences of Little Ice Age

Oct. 31, 2017

Join the Nov. 3–4 interdisciplinary symposium featuring engaging discussions on the causes and impacts of the Little Ice Age, the coldest centuries of the past 8,000 years.Read more »
Image of Earth from space

Nov. 1 lecture to examine monitoring Earth's energy balance from space

Oct. 30, 2017

Learn how LASP is contributing to space measurements of Earth's energy balance with the TSIS and CLARREO Pathfinder missions. Plus, see fun videos of the TSIS platform being prepared for launch.Read more »
Attendees sit at table with laptops

Refresher course offered to Crucial Conversations graduates

Oct. 26, 2017

Need a refresher on Crucial Conversations? All program graduates are invited to join certified facilitators for a monthly hour-long deep dive into the course curriculum, starting Nov. 1.Read more »
Small house in the woods with garden

Sustainability workshop introduces carbon emissions inventory

Oct. 25, 2017

In this Oct. 27 hands-on skill building workshop for students, walk away knowing how to assess and calculate a baseline of carbon emissions for a household.Read more »
Republic of Korea and U.S. flags fly side by side, soldiers in background

Nov. 2 lecture to examine U.S.-Korea alliance, partnership

Oct. 25, 2017

Jimin Kim, deputy consul general of the Republic of Korea in San Francisco, will discuss the latest developments in Korea and the prospect of a U.S. alliance under the republic.Read more »
University of Denver Associate Professor Corey Ciocchetti

Inspiring integrity, chasing an authentic life the focus of lunchtime talk

Oct. 25, 2017

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative presents Corey Ciocchetti, associate professor of business ethics and legal studies at the University of Denver, in this intriguing talk Nov. 6.Read more »
Statue of Liberty outside of New York City

2 kinds of patriotism: A discussion Oct. 26

Oct. 25, 2017

Immigration, nationalism and multiculturalism in American politics will be the focus of this conversation with Benjamin Teitelbaum and Reihan Salam.Read more »
Student studies in the CU Museum's Biolounge

New seminar series spotlights the science of informal teaching, learning

Oct. 24, 2017

Kicking off Oct. 26, the series will explore learning as a continuous, cumulative process and the variety of settings where learning takes place, from museums to libraries and nature centers.Read more »