pro-DACA rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court

Rally by the Supreme Court as the DACA cases are heard inside, 11/12/19 (Credit: Victoria Pickering)

On Friday, July 16, a federal judge in Texas declared the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program as unlawful and halted new applications into the program. President Biden has vowed to appeal the ruling and has also asked Congress to develop a "path to citizenship for Dreamers." CU Boulder experts are available to discuss what the ruling means for DACA recipients and what the future of the program holds.

Violeta Chapin, a clinical professor of law and head of the Criminal and Immigration Defense Clinic at Colorado Law, can explain the ruling, what it means for hopeful DACA recipients and how it could impact the future of current DACA recipients. She can also share her perspective of the validity of the ruling and what’s next for DACA in what could be a lengthy legal battle.