Sunrise in the Indian Peaks Wilderness

Volcanic eruption may explain recent purple sunrises

Sept. 12, 2019

Photographers and others with a keen eye have noticed that sunrises and sunsets have become a lot more purple in the U.S. New measurements from a high-altitude balloon could explain why.


The mysterious genetics of bird migration

Aug. 29, 2019

A gene newly associated with the migratory patterns of golden-winged and blue-winged warblers could lend insight into the longstanding question of how birds migrate across such long distances.

Arctic sea ice

A year in the ice: Researchers join historic mission to the Arctic

Aug. 12, 2019

Dozens of CU Boulder researchers will take part in the MOSAIC expedition, which will send an icebreaker ship into the winter pack ice to drift for an entire year.

A plume of smoke rising into the air

Wildfire smoke provides clues on nuclear war, geoengineering

Aug. 8, 2019

Wildfire smoke can persist for months in the stratosphere, giving scientists an opportunity to fine-tune models of climate change, nuclear winter and geoengineering.

An ice sheet in Antarctica, which scientists are now better able to measure

A clearer picture of global ice sheets

July 9, 2019

Improvements in satellite imaging and remote sensing equipment have allowed scientists to measure ice mass in greater detail than ever before.

Lara Vimercati examines a nieves penitentes structure on Volcán Llullaillaco in Chile

Even in jagged volcanic ice spires, life finds a way

July 8, 2019

High in the Andes Mountains, dagger-shaped ice spires house thriving microbial communities and an oasis for life in one of Earth’s harshest environments.

Large boulders in a river

Large boulders help shape huge canyons, researchers find

June 10, 2019

CU Boulder geology graduate student research argues that boulders play a major role in the geologic evolution of river canyons across vast spans of time.

sweat on human skin

How sweat leaves your skin and builds up on your wall

May 3, 2019

A CIRES study reveals the fate of indoor chemical emissions, including the unexpected buildup of lactic acid from human sweat.

Water droplet

How drinking recycled toilet water could ease scarcity

Worried about water shortages in the western United States? This episode of the Brainwaves podcast dives into the effort to protect rivers and reservoirs by recycling toilet water.

Two Gouldian finches rest on a branch

Birds break evolutionary rules when it comes to feather color

April 23, 2019

A species of rainbow-colored finch from Australia seems to break all of the rules of avian evolution, scientists say.