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University Hill, just across the street from campus, is a place for both Buffs and Boulder community members to gather. The area offers a unique array of dining options including everything from late-night pizza to an early-morning smoothie bowl. Discover some of the best places to grab a bite on the Hill.

Students sit outside of Rush Bowls on The HillBreakfast

Nobody likes to be hungry during class, so start your day off nourished with a filling breakfast on the Hill. 

Rush Bowls

 1207 13th St.
Rush Bowls is fresh, fast and delicious. Whether you're really hungry, or just looking for a midday snack, Rush Bowls has it covered. Add protein, vitamins and other toppings to your bowl, too.

The Corner

 1100 13th St.
The Corner serves breakfast all day! Options include bagels, avocado toast, burritos and more. 

The Waffle Lab

 1155 13th St.
The Waffle Lab specializes in Belgian-style Liège waffles, offering both savory and sweet options for a perfect breakfast combo. Pro tip: Buffs get 50% off on Wednesdays with your Buff OneCard. 

Hilltop Food Court

 1310 College Ave. 
Not sure what sounds good? Stop by the Hilltop Food Court for a variety of menu options. This diverse group of restaurants serves anything from burgers to Thai food. Plus, the self-seated dining area makes for a great studying space. 

Boulder Burger

Boulder Burger is just what it sounds like: a burger joint! All burgers are handmade and fresh, never frozen. Although burgers are their specialty, the restaurant also serves milkshakes, sweets, wings and more. 

Bento-Ria Sushi

Bento-Ria serves Japanese-fusion cuisine such as sushi rolls, poke bowls, dumplings and udon.

Thai Avenue

Thai Avenue serves up fresh, authentic Thai food. Using high-quality ingredients, the restaurant cooks up an array of curries, stir fries and other entrees. Those who don’t eat meat can try their tofu as a protein option! 

Seoul Kitchen

Seoul Kitchen serves both sushi and Korean food. Some of their specialities include bibimbap, kimchi stew and mochi. 

Liquid refreshments

Feeling parched between classes? Make a stop at the Hill for an energy boost or a refreshing beverage. 


 1352 College Ave.
Starbucks is a classic American coffee chain we all know and love. Stop by for a tasty seasonal drink or a shot of espresso to give you that boost of energy you’re missing. 

Prime Nutrition

 1087 13th St.
Before or after a Rec Center visit, Prime Nutrition is a great place to get your nutrients in. The café offers a modern atmosphere and nutritious menu items. Try their filling protein shakes, energy teas or smoothies. 

Kung-Fu Tea

 1121 Broadway St. #102
Kung-Fu Tea is America’s largest bubble tea brand. They have plenty of tea options including milk tea, punch, milk cap, classic, slush and more. If you want a chilled and refreshing beverage, Kung-Fu Tea is the place to go.

The Sink Restaurant & Bar front doorAmerican classics

If you just want a basic American meal, the Hill has plenty of restaurants serving classic menu items. Think pizza, sandwiches, salad and more. 

Deli Zone

 1322 College Ave.
This sandwich shop offers authentic New York style sandwiches. They offer breakfast sandwiches, vegetarian options and more! Deli Zone has something for everyone. Be sure to get there before 2 p.m., when the deli closes. 

The Sink

 1165 13th St.
If you’re looking to explore Boulder’s dining options, The Sink is the place to visit! It's Boulder’s oldest restaurant, so they have years of service under their belt. They also claim to have the best burger in Boulder. 

Chicken on the Hill

 1119 13th St.
Chicken on the Hill is the perfect restaurant for chicken lovers in Boulder. Enjoy chicken tenders and sandwiches with a side of mac and cheese, Texas toast or parmesan lemon pepper fries. 

Global fare

Expand your flavor palette and try something new! The Hill has some great globally inspired dishes. 

Illegal Pete’s

 1124 13th St.
Illegal Pete’s is a lively Mexican restaurant and a great place to hang with friends! They often host watch parties, fantasy football drafts and more.

Ado’s Kitchen

 1143 13th St.
Ado’s Kitchen offers a wide selection of global dishes: Italian-style pasta, chicken marsala and Salvadoran shrimp to name a few. No matter what type of food you may be craving, Ado’s Kitchen probably has it. 

Gaia Masala and Burger

 1116 13th St.
Gaia Masala and Burger has a unique spread of Mediterranean, masala and American cuisine! This includes grilled cheese, a fire tikka masala burger, gyros and more.