Published: March 20, 2019

CU Boulder is launching a new grade replacement policy, beginning with fall 2019 course registration. Under this policy, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students may retake a course in which they earned a low grade in an attempt to improve their cumulative GPAs.

How does grade replacement work?

If you retake a course for grade replacement, your original grade will still appear on your transcript, but your cumulative GPA and cumulative credit totals on your transcript will only include the grade from your most recent attempt.

How do I request grade replacement?

If you would like to retake a course for the purpose of grade replacement, you’ll need to first register for the class in an upcoming semester, beginning with fall 2019 course registration. Then submit the grade replacement request form (coming soon) by the grade replacement request deadline for the semester/session in which the class is being offered.

After reviewing your grade replacement request for eligibility, the Office of the Registrar will notify you whether your request was approved or denied.

Can I still repeat a course without requesting grade replacement?

Yes, you can repeat courses at any point in your academic career without invoking grade replacement. If you do, then the grade and credits you earn in each attempt are included in your student credit and GPA totals and calculations on your official academic record. Some academic programs have limits on the number of course repeats allowed for specific courses.

What courses are eligible for grade replacement?

Learn more about the policy, including what courses and grades are eligible for grade replacement, and more about what steps to take if you’d like to pursue grade replacement.