Published: Dec. 7, 2017
Campus Fall

CU Boulder has many support and advocacy resources available for our campus community.

Confidential support centers

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) can be reached at 303-492-2277.

  • Provides confidential, on-campus mental health services for students on a variety of concerns such as academics, anxiety, body image, depression, relationships, substance use and more
  • Provides workshops, therapy groups, individual counseling, psychological testing, psychiatric care and more
  • Primary locations: Center for Community (C4C) and Wardenburg Health Center (walk-in hours M-F: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • Satellite location: Health and Counseling Clinic at Williams Village

The Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) can be reached at 303-492-8855.

  • Provides free, confidential counseling, advocacy, information and referrals for all CU community members, students, staff, faculty and their significant others
  • Specializes in life-disruptive events, including but not limited to crime, gender violence, grief, bias-motivated incident, harassment and violence

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) can be reached at 303-492-3020.

  • Provides free, confidential counseling for CU faculty and staff
  • Provides assistance to faculty and staff for personal or work-related concerns
  • Hosts groups and workshops

The Ombuds Office can be reached at 303-492-5077.

  • Confidential: Does not keep records of communications and will not share your identity or the content of communications without permission, except if there is an imminent risk of harm
  • Informal: Does not maintain records, adjudicate, arbitrate or participate in formal processes
  • Impartial: Does not advocate for any party to a dispute and will consider the interests and concerns of all parties involved with the purpose of achieving a fair and equitable outcome
  • Independent: Functions independent of line management; talking with Ombuds staff does not constitute notice of any claims to the University of Colorado Boulder


Reporting information

Report bias-motivated incidents, discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct.

  • A report of sexual misconduct, discrimination or harassment, crimes or related retaliation may be pursued in different ways. Depending on the nature of the alleged conduct, a complainant or victim may pursue a criminal process, a university process, both processes or neither process. A victim may also decline to notify authorities.


Other supportive resources, non-confidential

The Student of Concern Team (SOCT) can be reached at 303-492-7348.

  • Assists students who may be in distress or experiencing challenging or difficult life circumstances

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) can be reached at 303-492-8057.

  • Holds responsibility for international students once they are admitted to CU
  • Helps departments bring in visiting scholars and researchers
  • Helps answer questions concerning legal status or other issues pertinent to international visitors
  • Serves as liaison between CU and community members, especially during difficult times
  • Fosters inclusiveness and offers support and programming across multiple identities

Disability Services can be reached at 303-492-8671.

  • Provides students with disabilities the tools, reasonable accommodations and support services to participate fully in the academic environment
  • Teaches self-advocacy and creates a network of resources

The Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) can be reached at 303-492-1377.

  • Helps gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and allied (GLBTQIA) students, faculty and staff through: information dissemination and referral; educational, cultural and social programming; and advocation of the GLBTQIA community

The Office of Veteran Services (OVS) can be reached at 303-492-7322.

  • Provides a key point of contact for the CU Boulder veteran/military community
  • Establishes and operates an informal veterans support group
  • Assists in the transition from military to campus life
  • Provides an informal mentoring program for student veterans

The CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) is open to anyone in recovery or seeking recovery or support for alcohol or drug use or other addictive behaviors as well as those who are interested in being part of a healthy, sober community. Email or call 303-492-9642.

  • Talk with a recovery professional
  • Attend a Support Meeting on campus
  • Talk with a student for peer support
  • Get involved with a sober community or program

The Cultural Unity & Engagement Center (CUE) can be reached at 303-492-5667.

  • Provides support and resources that promote academic, personal and professional success for all students
  • Provides innovative programs and services that address the intersections of our multiple identities, with special focus given to underrepresented populations on campus

The Women's Resource Center (WRC) can be reached at 303-492-5713.

  • Provides peer groups for people with shared interests or identities
  • Provides a supportive, women-centered space where students, faculty, staff and community can hang out, network, build community and gain strength from one another
  • Engages in policy work to improve women's equity on campus; provides information and assistance in order to improve women's ability to self-advocate